Bexley Council to adopt CCTV enforcement at 11 more sites

Bexley Council to adopt CCTV enforcement at 11 more sites
Courtesy Google. Yellow box outside Asda

Bexley Council are to set up cameras in 11 more sites across the borough to monitor drivers heading into bus lanes and yellow box junctions.

Out of 11 cameras, nine will monitor yellow boxes with two for bus lanes. A section of a council report before a full council meeting states:

“£330K allows for 9 new box Junctions and 2 bus lane cameras to be purchased for enforcement. This Capital costs is made up of the 11 cameras being purchased. Its projected that each box junction camera will produce 800 PCNs pa, totalling 7,200 in total.”

The aim is to raise £1.25 million over four years. Income from fines can only be spent on transport projects.

The locations are not yet known. In 2016 the authority awarded a contract to Videalert for automatic monitoring via cameras at sites across the borough.


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4 thoughts on “Bexley Council to adopt CCTV enforcement at 11 more sites

  1. Well they have to get some money somewhere as they are broke and have had a bail out my government motorists easy target

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