£3.50 charge to drive from Dartford to Bexley on agenda

A number of plans are currently being discussed to raise revenue for TfL’s battered finances including a £3.50 charge to enter Greater London in a vehicle.

The move is on the agenda if central Government refuse to permit a greater share of £500 million raised from London drivers via Vehicle Excise Duty being spent in the capital.

£500 million of VED is raised from London drivers annually and goes to central Government coffers. In the past this then went into general spending but is now supposed to be ringfenced to Highways England – who manage very few roads in London meaning the £500 million is almost entirely spent outside the capital. However there is confusion about the plans and whether they are are to be scrapped.

Tories in London have previously supported moves to ensure more VED income raise din London is spent within London.

Gareth Bacon to Robert Jenrick

This appeal was rejected by MP Robert Jenrick.

A charge is just one of many items on the agenda and far from decided. Other possible moves include cuts to buses – which would make things very awkward given Sadiq Khan continues to support the Silvertown Tunnel with claims it will increase bus services.

If it does yet meet cuts in connecting routes in south east London any benefit could be lost. Previously the Mayor has stated the tunnel alleviates congestion while ignoring TfL’s own traffic forecasts that traffic across Greenwich borough is set to increase post-completion, particularly in the evening peak. The vast majority of alleviation is north of the Thames according to TfL.

Source: TfL. Red dots indicate extra congestion post tunnel completion.

If bus cuts did occur, services through the tunnel would meet reduced bus frequencies and routes alongside additional traffic in Greenwich.

A £3.50 charge could also impact upon traffic levels at the tunnel and an agreement with private company Riverlinx who will operate the tunnel for 30 years and collect tolls. The financial model is predicated on a set level of traffic. So either congestion increases in Greenwich borough or the charge lessens traffic – which then leaves a hole in TfL’s budget.

TfL have lost billions in fare income since March. They have received two bailouts though much is through loans. The current threat of tier 3 and a further lockdown will further hit fare income. While the government has so far supported buses outside London and rail franchises with few clauses, they have pushed for strict measures on TfL.

The next bailout is due one week before the next Mayoral election, so expect much more political games in weeks and months to come.

UPDATE: Tories have been spreading a petition about the proposed charge including Garth Bacon. He has gone quiet on calls to keep up to £500 million raised in London from being spent in London – which would remove any chance of a fee.



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    4 thoughts on “£3.50 charge to drive from Dartford to Bexley on agenda

    • If we are to charge vehicles that are registered out side of London then the cost will have to be greater than a Oyster card trip from zones 9 to 1. (£9.40 peak £6.50 off peak) to make public transport more cost attractive. So it’s £10.00 then and a lot of cars parked just outside zone 9.

    • They probably don’t realise how many bus drivers drive into work from outside London. In fact many many bus drivers drive into work from within London due to starting or finishing work outside of public transport operating hours. All the attacks on motorists are hitting the people who operate public transport.

    • The Elderly and the Disabled driver is being forced to live staring at 4 walls as they can’t afford to go out with all these hikes? The Mayor has said if you live in the new Greater London Congestion Charging area you must also pay over £120 just to park outside where you live too? Again it’s those who can least afford to pay but need their car the most. that are being hit! Not every OAP or Disabled person owns their home and can afford to sell up and move away! Never mind Mr Mayor what with this and the Virus they should all be ‘taken care of’ shortly? Then you can invite all your big bucks friends into London!

    • DWW – there’s a lot there that isn’t true. There is no London wide £120 fee in existence or planned. The disabled may be exempt – it’s not even a decision that has been taken. If money raised from London drivers is spent on London roads which seems fair enough then the charge is dropped. Central government can approve that. They are not as they want to squeeze London to help their own party candidates. Khan is bad IMO but their opponents will throw millions under a bus for electoral gain.


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