Developer back again with plan at Bexley’s oldest pub site

A developer fined for the unsafe demolition of Bexley’s oldest pub is back with another plan after earlier refusal.

Balmonza Ltd were previously fined £20,000 after the unsafe demolition of the Ye Olde Leather Bottle in Belvedere which risked an explosion after an investigation found utilities were not properly disconnected.

Courtesy Google. How the site was left after demolition

It was ruled it came down in an unsafe manner that saw a fine of £20,000 with another £1000 in costs.


They then applied to build a 70 person care home which was refused due to insufficient need in the area. Now they are back with another application for 70 person care home plan.

The same developer has also seen enforcement action for work carried out in Abbey Wood on land facing protected woodland, and purchased a listed pub in Plumstead – the Plume of Feathers.

Courtesy Google. Before demolition

If this plan is now approved, it will be one to watch if the developer changes plans which would see the care home dropped for other uses such as a large scale 70-room bedsit. The plan does state it has “been designed to provide an adaptable building”.

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2 thoughts on “Developer back again with plan at Bexley’s oldest pub site

  • Looking at your photos it seems we are into Marlboro man…Cowboy country….
    One would think that after a hefty fine the company would be blacklisted together with all the Directors but appears not.
    I think Greenwich Council feel quite at home with a dismal crew….
    My experience little as it is seems to indicate a fly by night arrangement….
    Noticed some builder was fined £160,000 recently for some misdemeanor and in between times are currently in liquidation…
    By the sounds of the building industry vis a vis Cladding etc they seem to have a No Responsibility Agenda and all other institutions…Fire Brigade…Council Planning Dept…Govt…just stand aside….

    • It’s not Greenwich it’s Bexley.


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