East Greenwich street changes revealed: Three modal filters coming

Details on changes to streets in east Greenwich to create Low Traffic Neighbourhoods have been revealed. Two changes will occur south of Trafalgar Road and one to the north near new developments at Enderby Wharf. Locations are:

  • Pelton Road and Christchurch Way as seen below
Modal filter to be installed here
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Walnut Tree Road near the Greenwich Centre
  • Vanbrugh Hill and Rodmere Street
Locations in red

These plans will be implemented in two days (24th September) and follow on from recently introduced measures in west Greenwich which has seen extra traffic rat running through east Greenwich. Royal Parks also stopped through traffic in Greenwich Park.

The backdrop to all this is a sharp increase in traffic in the area and across the borough from 2016 to 2019 (which I covered this morning) then exacerbated by recent public transport capacity reductions.

Traffic levels from 1993. Large increase in recent years

Thus these measures are designed to encourage people to ditch cars if able, and walk and cycle short distances freeing up road space for vehicles that need to be on the road. The new cycle lane is a key part.

Bugsby’s way.
Car-led planning in the area

Decisions by the authority to encourage large car-oriented retail sheds nearby are now coming back to hurt – as many expected. Over recent years there has been Ikea, Sainsbury’s, Marks & Spencer, Greenwich Retail Park expansion and Brocklebank Retail Park containing Primark, Aldi and Next. Retailers have been leaving Woolwich for car-friendly Charlton. Wilko is the latest.

Charlton Sainsburys car park

Even now, not all transport measures planned after Ikea gave Greenwich Council £1.7 million via Section 106 funds are in place, with pedestrian signage still not fully installed. The walk is pretty awful regardless of signs.

Walk from Westcombe Park station to Ikea heads past here

And that’s one of the big issues about current changes; some people will object regardless and then there are others who are more pragmatic yet see how a wider, cohesive network needs to be in place. This project in east Greenwich does tie in with West Greenwich but a major gap in links to Greenwich Peninsula from east Greenwich.

Greenwich Council did bid for money from TfL to do this on a limited scale and were rejected. Yet for a decade – at least – they’ve barely invested their own income from Peninsula and east Greenwich developments towards improving those links.

Pedestrian links

If it had happened, east Greenwich residents would be able to safely walk to the Peninsula (and vice versa) but that is still not possible – and so how many will ditch the car? Some perhaps, but the opportunity should be there for more.

Click to enlarge – Cycle Highway 4 route

Those heading west will soon be able to connect to Cycle Highway 4 leading all the way to Tower Bridge.






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9 thoughts on “East Greenwich street changes revealed: Three modal filters coming

  • Two big problems are already clear that Greenwich needs to get on top of with these changes are,

    1. Deliveries along Trafalgar Road need to be stopped, lorries and vans pulling up there are now blocking the only lane of traffic in that direction with no space to pass safely causing tailbacks all the way back to Vanbrugh hill.

    2. The Yellow box at Vanbrugh hill needs to go back to it’s original size to stop people going straight on waiting in the right turn box blocking the 442 and others wanting to turn right.

    • Agree, deliveries were always a blockage but it’ll be worse now. And I was surprised at the yellow box junction reduction too.

  • For those like me who do knot know what ‘modal filter’ meant as it isn’t explained, this is from the planning site:

    “They involve the use of modal filters which maintain through-access for pedestrians and cyclists but not vehicles. The modal filters used will be two planters with a bollard in between.”

    • In other words, more feeder roads blocked off to four wheels traffic forcing long diversions and then bumper to bumper, noxious emiting vehicles on the main roads.

      • Y not avoid any noxious emitting vehicles? The whole point is to make it easy to cycle and hard to drive because of the whole climate change/ pollution thing

  • So, how are goods to be delivered? People mostly use shed stores to purchase and collect what they could not carry on a bus or bicycle.

    • There’s plenty of places with narrow access that survive. Deliveries at 9am on a narrow road are ridiculous even before changes. Quiet times should be used.

  • Carry on to block roads! That finally selfish people (the most) understand that humans need to breath as well. I hope councils make their lives miserable! Stop to think that cars are just fine, you are just the problem. Take train and buses like a lot of people, I am not asking to ride a bike, it’s up to you! But please we all know that most of people lease their cars, it doesn’t make you someone special. Only superficial and selfish. We breath the same air.

    • What a weird outlook you have, considering you have failed to convey any sympathy for those who may require to use a car, such as disabled and elderly people.


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