Car-only cinema begins at Blackheath

Greenwich Council are hosting an open-air cinema on Blackheath tonight – but only for those who arrive by vehicle and then drive onto the heath.

Despite the current talk of encouraging people out of cars and encouraging walking and cycling, we see a large number of vehicles encouraged to drive to a congested area and park on green space. 100 cars are planned for each event that operates, with 12 planned in total.

SUVs on the heath

The good news is if you didn’t get a ticket this year, the 2025 version promises to be much bigger and better, with those in east London having a new road tunnel to reach the site.

Who knows, if this is a success maybe extend it year round? Put some tarmac down of course to make it easier to access. By 2025 it could take hundreds of vehicles.

Courtesy Greenwich Council

Another site by the same promoter is located at Meridian Water in Enfield borough. That is at least on an existing car park designed for vehicles and not a green space.

Meanwhile the authority came third last today in a list of inner London boroughs in a new measure of street quality. The study didn’t measure parking enforcement, parking income or money allocated to better streets or the authority would almost certainly be plum last.

It did measure parking zones for example, but little use if enforcement is so weak.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “Car-only cinema begins at Blackheath

    • Lewisham go against predictable complaints with a bold scheme to make it better on South Row for non-drivers. So-called Royal Greenwich have a car cinema nearby.

      Said it before and I’ll say it again. Many staff in senior positions and cllrs in charge are more akin to rural Kent tories. They only wear red to gain votes. Well they’ve lost me. No chance. This is a symbolic F You to people living in the present and can see the dangers of car dominated cities.

      Be careful or they will tarmac over the heath given half a chance!! New access road for Silvertown would go down well to them.

    • Why do you need a car? Can’t I take my picnic blanket?

    • Sadly car usage is set to increase until we can get buses,trains, the underground and DLR back to full capacity. But this wil lnot happen unless everyone observes social distancing and wears mask or face coverings while travelling on public tranpsort.

      I have used buses today and was surprised by how many passebgers were travelling on buses with no mask or face coverings. Some were from communities who have been badly affected by Covid-19 pandemic

      We all need to wear mask or face coverings while travelling on public transport to protect ourselves and others and to help reduce the risk of a seond wave of the Coronavirus.

      • Massive f you to everyone without a car and those at least trying to make sustainable choices. It’s like a scene from the USA in the 60s not a modern green society most ppl are trying to build. How does Greenwich justify their positions?

    • It’s saddening to read so many comments complaining about a fun night out considering it’s one of the few activities one can do under lockdown restrictions to ensure social distancing… who knew it was so easy to turn a family event into yet another thing to complain about?

      I fail to understand the logic behind the other comments criticising car owners for enjoying the novelty of a drive-in cinema. It is not to the detriment of others; simply go to another open-air cinema if you just have a blanket.

      • Sorry Alex, do respect your opinion, but I side on this one with the ‘Remoaners’.
        ‘Drive in’ just goes against everything people are trying to change for a better future in our city. We mostly all enjoy a bit of 50’s nostalgia, and ‘Grease’ in the open air USA style (even with USA style oversized vehicles!) will appeal to many, but does it set the right precedent for a green economy and environment many of us strive for? The comments are quite right-Lewisham closes a road to cars despite fierce opposition from the road lobby, RBG encourages more cars, and to drive them over our green spaces. (whilst doing bugger all for bikes!) Why not just an open air cinema for all, with a high charge donation to the NHS for parking a car nearby? We could all enjoy it then, socially distanced spaces too (prob get 2 picnic blankets in same space as a 4×4 full (except 4×4’s are rarely full, more often just a driver-Johnny no mates!) And wheres the nearest cinema for a picnic blanket in the open? And why say it’s one of the few activities you can do socially distanced? Tried exercise? Sitting in the park at sunset? A drink and meal in the Pelton? Almost all sports? (even cricket soon just be careful where you rub the ball!)


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