Swan dies after dog attack in Danson Park, Bexleyheath

The RSPCA have revealed that a swan rescued after it was seen bleeding in a Danson Park lake has sadly died. It was attacked by a dog.

The male swan suffered “severe injuries to his jugular and windpipe. His mate and cygnets are now without him.”

A member of the public waited with the swan after calling the RSPCA.

The charity have called for dogs to be kept on a lead when in the park.

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    7 thoughts on “Swan dies after dog attack in Danson Park, Bexleyheath

    • I always keep my dog on a lead even though he is friendly. He has been attacked by other dogs who are off the lead several times, and I am sick and tired of other owners who come running up saying “Sorry, he/she is usually good off the lead” Well obviously not! What if it were a small child? Irresponsible owners should be fined by park wardens and made to keep dogs on the lead. Usually these owners do not keep an eye on their dogs as many mess while off the lead and the owners do not pick up after them? The excuse is “I didn’t see it”, well if it was under control on a lead, they would

      • Way too many irresponsible dog owners!!!!

    • Makes me so sad. I see dogs chase all sorts of animals in parks. Think a squirrel finds it fun to have a staffie chase it up a tree?
      My daughter (now 9) is terrified of dogs because of the number of times she’s been chased, knocked over and scratched, leaving her in tears each time. The owner always say ‘don’t worry its only being friendly’ – if anything at all. A dog is an animal, they are unpredictable.
      I have sworn, next time I have to intervene – I’ll look for details on the dogs tag and report it to the police. Out of control = ‘makes someone worried that it might injure them’
      See https://www.gov.uk/control-dog-public
      I understand people like dogs – there should be enclosed spaces where people can let dogs off the lead, but in public even your smallest jack russell should be kept on the lead.

    • There are a lot of irresponsible dog owners and you cannot predict the animal’s behaviour at any given time. The most dangerous owner is the one who says ‘it won’t hurt you’.

      • Totally agree with you. Some are deliberately let off to attack other innocent animals birds etc like what happened in Danson Park and indeed many others. It has to be said some of these are vicious dogs which should never ever be off their lead.

    • Very sad.

      I see so many people leave their dogs unleashed. They all think to themselves that they have some exceptional insight into their own dog that some how it won’t attack or threaten anyone despite failing to realise others don’t see it that way especially when they don’t know the dog!


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