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Bexley parks: Banners stolen, antisocial behaviour and an arrest

Banners attached to park railings have been “destroyed or stolen” according to Bexley Council.

The council have replaced those removed and they’re asking the public to call 101 if people saw who took them.

Police are also stepping up patrols in Danson park after groups congregated last night. The park was left in a bit of a mess.

Update: Police have arrested one person tonight:

“have been to  Danson Park this evening to conduct patrols in relation to anti-social behaviour. S/PC Biginton has seized canisters from a group of individuals. PC’s Robinson and Scott detained a group of males for a search and upon doing so a male tried to resist. A search was completed whilst in restraint and a bag of suspected Class A drugs. The Male has been arrested by PC Robinson and is in a south London police station.”


  1. Nick Warrell

    I agree. I was in Danson Park on Thursday evening.
    What a mess. Rubbish everywhere

  2. Shaney

    The sign attached to the railings at the entrance to the green space at the bottom of Knee Hill in Abbey Wood was also ripped down last week – it was obviously done under cover of darkness – absolute morons

  3. Cliff

    Why are they still using feet? six foot isn’t even 2m.

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