Staff at Sidcup’s Queen Mary Hospital have catalytic converters stolen

Two members of staff at Queen Mary’s hospital in Sidcup have had catalytic converters stolen while parked at work.

Both incidents involved a Honda Jazz and occurred during Tuesday daytime.

It’s not the first incidents in the car park and police are asking people to be vigilant. Police issued a warning about the car park last year. If you see anything call 999.

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6 thoughts on “Staff at Sidcup’s Queen Mary Hospital have catalytic converters stolen

    • Those police are saving more people heading to hospitals.

  • It never ceases to amaze me just how low some people with stoop.

    Nicking parts of Doctors/Nurses and NHS staff cars In this case (catalytict converters) at time we are in the admist of a pandemic and our NHS staff are working around the clock and rely heavily on their cars.

    I hope the culprits are caught very soon.

    Mollierose8. The Police still do have the jobs to do even during the coronavirus pandemic. There is no excuse to be speeding just becuase the roads are quieter. The speed limits do still apply and need to be adhered too.

    • Quite right. Why people assume catching speeders is a waste of time or not real police work always perplexes me. If the number of boy racers in urban neighbourhoods has increased during lockdown I can imagine how much they’re tearing up the motorways. As for the scum who are stealing from the hospital, get a guard to do some patrols rather than rely on cctv. Bad enough they steal gel, wheelchairs and even defibrillators during normal time but this is beyond the pale.

  • My daughter is a Met Officer and I can tell you that they have a substantial amount of officers off with Covid, all jobs still have to be covered and criminal gangs look at this pandemic as an opportunity. Those that stole the convertors will probably never be caught, their despicable act just highlights that “ordinary” crimes have not gone away.
    We need to look out for each others property when we can, If your not in your neighbourhood watch scheme please join…keep safe


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