No need to tap in: London buses become rear door entry only

TfL have finally agreed to allow passengers to enter buses via the middle/rear doors in London and not have to tap in.

Bus drivers have been calling for such a move for weeks after similar measures were adopted in many other nations. At least 19 drivers have died in recent weeks.

TfL’s director of bus operations Claire Mann stated: “Bus drivers are pivotal in ensuring critical workers like NHS staff and grocery workers can perform the vital roles they do during this national emergency. Their efforts are nothing short of heroic, and it is essential that we leave no stone unturned when looking to protect them.”

Many bus drivers have challenged that narrative and questioned why TfL and the Mayor have been so slow to adopt safety measures.

A loss of income is expected to be a drop in the ocean given substantial falls already seen across all forms of transport. Bus use is already vastly down as is tube, DLR and London Overground. TfL suspended the Congestion Charge weeks ago yet retained charges for bus use until today.

Changes take effect on Monday 20th April.


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10 thoughts on “No need to tap in: London buses become rear door entry only

  • Now everyone will be entering and leaving by the same door thereby putting passengers in even closer contact. This is not really the solution.

  • I worry it will encourage people to travel even more since its effectively free now. Still no PPE for drivers and now even less revenue for TFL. Mayor or Central Government, the real plague is stupidity.

  • I totally agree you both anonymous201481 and Charles Calthrop. People wil now be in much closer contact with each other as people board and get off the bus. Your also right more people will use the buses again as it is free so even more risk of contracting the Covid-19 virus.

    We know what it is like at bus stops every day as it is people will push in and shove passed each other with outany respect for others as the majority of people do not know how to queue or wait there turn. at the actual bus stop.

    A prime example of this is at the Woolwich Centre bus stop on Wellington Street in Woolwich during the rush hour and most of the day with people waiting in different places all over the payment some not even that near the to bus stop but still think it is their right to get on the bus first so push and shove their way to the front.

  • May I also please ask what will happen to routes that use smaller single door buses like routes 124 233 273 etc. Passengers have no other door to board the bus through. Does this mean that we may see thesesingle door buses gradaully being withdrawn from London service and replaced with the slightly longer two door buses mainly used on route 386 for eample ?

  • You make a very good point Graham. We are getting more and more viruses now days which can spread and lay people low for weeks especially in the winter months.

    So if we have to go through this again the smaller single door buses like you mentioned would need replacing with more suitable two door buses for these routes.

    We just do not know what is going to be brought in to the UK next so many diseases which the UK once eradicated completely like TB for example are now sadly back in the UK

    Some Labour Politican was stating in their interview this morning (lady in shadow cabinet her names escapes me ) that they knew about the Covid-19 outbreak in the in January. If this is true and they did why on earth were the NHS Trust Bus Operators Care Homes, Schools and the public etc etc not informed way back then. So more protective equipment etc could have been ordered and ready for use when needed.

    Talk about after the event. !!!

    • The now identified Covid-19 probably arrived before January. I have been hearing about people who had very bad flu-like symptoms back in November last year, which their GP was not able to diagnose.

  • Wish they would do this in Isle of Wight

  • I am hoping that TFL and bus operators would do route test to see if the slightly longer two door version of these buses which I think might be around 9.6 metres in length could fit on routes like 124 233 273 and other routes using similar smaller single decker buses.

    So you board and alight the bus through separate doors. So when it becomes time for the buses to be replaced in the future new buses could be ordered for these routes.

  • With the London Traveller [LT1-811,813-1000 and Short Traveller ST812]Dalek buses the rear doors will once again be open presumably!

  • I took a Boris bus today and ALL the card readers have been disabled. I guess in view of plummeting revenue, it hardly matters.


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