Full Thameslink service returns to Greenwich line

Thameslink have finally restored a full two-trains per hour service along the Greenwich line after many months of limited services and long frequency gaps.

Services also revert back to their original destination of Luton.

Thameslink at Greenwich

It’s not been the smoothest start, with cancellations in the past couple of hours including the 11:47 and 13:17 from Greenwich to Luton, ensuring that at the very minute this is being written, another 30 minute service gap is seen.

With Thameslink services cut, Southeastern’s reduced service combined to leave 30 minute service intervals a normal occurrence at busy stations such as Greenwich serving a major University campus, shops, jobs and many tourist sites.

Greenwich station

The good news coincides with the Northern Line’s branch via London Bridge and Bank reopening after major work to expand congested Bank station.

Further positive developments include the night tube on the Jubilee Line returning, and the biggest of all as Crossrail is finally set to open next week, with the Elizabeth Line providing trains every five minutes from Abbey Wood to Paddington.



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17 thoughts on “Full Thameslink service returns to Greenwich line

  • Ah that’s excellent news. Coupled with the pending opening of Crossrail the transport links around the area are finally getting nearer to the levels connectivity they deserve.

  • They really should scrap Thameslink from the line, once CrossRail opens it’ll be redundant, it’s slow, they should restore the sen fast trains from Gillingham again, everytime a delay happens in North London, the Rainham service is always cut, which messes up other services on the line

    • Yep I’d agree and particularly when Crossrsil opens.

      Thameslink is slow with timetable padding despite not stopping at growth areas like Erith and Woolwich Dockyard. It’s prone to disruption and generally most benefits are worth the downsides.

    • Though I should add SE would lack stock now to replace TL.

      Some stock is in storage including some in cold storage that are now likely unable to return.

      They are also due to send a number of trains to Southern later this year, which should be replaced like for like with trains coming from South West rail but no net addition.

  • What a ridiculous comment, the service serves areas not covered by crossrail – Greenwich being one of them and we don’t have enough coming through already

  • The service had largely slowed down because of the Greenwich line, I don’t see why outer suburban services should be slowed down to appease a small line, Greenwich has the DLR you’re not hard done by

  • I’m not sure you’ve covered this Murky but you probably have, but by the 376 stock is finally being refurbished after almost twenty years in service, Southern are also having cuts to services

  • Maybe try and use the train from the station regularly and you will see the DLR isn’t sufficient as it doesn’t take people into the central areas fast enough. The reduction of the thameslink service has lead to more overcrowding, it will be good t9 get it back to the service it was before.

  • Again it’s not a good service and it’s been slowed down because the Greenwich line users expect all trains an hour to everywhere at the expense of others further down the line, if you’re in Greenwich you aren’t far from Central London , you aren’t hard done by either, Medway needs faster connections to key interchanges and not meander at minor stations.

  • Greenwich still has poor rail services. .The line lost most of it services to Charing Cross.. We have seen local bus services to Central London cut in frequency and or curtailed to no longer run in to the heart of Central London. We have now also lost the 180 from between Greenwich and Woolwich.

    Now people from Greenwich are expected to take a slow bus ride through East Greenwich heavy traffic as vehicles cannot pass buses parked as bus stops due to single lane traffic due to the new lanes to reach the Crossrail Elizabeth Line Station at Woolwich. Which means journeys are taking much longer..

    I am pleased Crossrail is opening on the 24th of May and support safe cycle lanes and active travel cycling walking and use of public transport. . But we have to be practical here Greenwich is not served by Crossrail.

  • If they get rid of Thameslink your line will have a consistent 6tph to Cannon Street, Thameslink is making things worse for the line not better, I too am annoyed at the loss of the 180 from the area, it was stupid decision by TfL, but stations beyond Gravesend have had a much slower service ti key stations on the Woolwich line since Thameslink was shoved through there

  • It’s not only the commuters and travelers in Greenwich that have suffered lack of service.

    Every stop down the line has only had off-peak 1 train an hour up to London and two trains down to Dartford since January.

    Given we were used to 6 previously… I missed an appointment in March because I foolishly assumed the service had recovered after Xmas engineering.

    So, I was happy that I rocked up yesterday having just missed the 0731 to discover the 0741 back on the time table (even if it were then 6 minutes late…)

  • Thameslink should be stopping in Erith & Belvedere, the only two stations it is no stopping,it makes large gaps in service at these two stations. There is lots of new housing and people moving into this area. We need better, more frequent service.

  • Thameslink calls at too many stations already, it needs less not more

  • Let’s please remember not everyone is able to use trains or feel safe using trains. With the underground being exceptionally difficult for the elderly people with mobility issues, wheelchair user and parents with buggies and small children. So they rely on other services which are easier for them to access.

  • @dbelluk: I live in Lewisham and neither Thameslink or CrossRail serves the area. The only time I catch a Thameslink train is on the rare occasions I am at Ally Pally or Finsbury Park and can get a train to London Bridge.

  • Thankfully you have more frequent services than us just down the road in Greenwich and your trains go go direct into Charing Cross


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