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Tesco look to open new store in Eltham

Tesco have applied to open an Express store in Middle Park replacing One Stop.

One Stop is already a Tesco owned brand though did have some back office and product differences. Many stores have been changed to Tesco in recent years across the country.

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It’s the latest small Tesco store in Eltham – though they do lack a larger store to compete with a number of Sainsbury’s in the area alongside Lidl.

A new Aldi supermarket opened this week in Kidbrooke.

Click here to view plans.


  1. CDT

    These smaller convenience stores are proving popular for many people. With more people on tight budgets a lot of people now grab items as they need them on a daily basis.

    • Charles Calthrop

      Indeed, especially for the elderly and the more vulnerable members of society. The larger Tescos generally just sell variations on a theme (there are only so many varieties of cheeses, cereals or kitchen towels that one can reasonably have need of) but these are perfect for late nights and foul weather

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