Man jailed after police rail operation

In recent weeks you may have noticed a number of operations across railway stations targeting those carrying knives.

One such operation at Belvedere has seen a man convicted of possession and jailed for three months after a knife was discovered. According to police:

“Abiola Alade, 24 of no fixed address, has been sentenced for possession of a knife at a joint operation run by officers of Metropolitan Police’s South East Basic Command Unit and British Transport Police at Train Stations around South East London.

On 30th October 2019 Alade was stopped by officers conducting an operation at Belvedere Station. Alade was searched and found in possession of a knife. Upon being charged he was remanded into custody where he pleaded guilty at Bromley Magistrates Court to possession of a pointed or bladed article.

Today 19.11.2019 Alade appeared before magistrates at Bexley Magistrates Court for sentencing. He was sentenced to 12 weeks imprisonment and ordered to pay £121.00 to victim services.

Courtesy MPSBexley

PC Robinson from Welling Police who co-leads the operation on behalf of the Metropolitan Police in the area said “The sentencing of Alade provides a stern warning to those who feel it’s okay to possess a knife that when caught they can only expect to face the full extent to the law. These operations have resulted in numerous weapons being recovered and countless people arrested. We will continue to run these operations to ensure that people feel safe, weapons remain of the streets of our communities and those who continue to possess such articles are apprehended.”

Knives have been found at other operations, with the most recent at Abbey Wood where a discarded weapon was discovered last week as three arrests were made.


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4 thoughts on “Man jailed after police rail operation

  • Sentence should have been longer and the fine higher to really get the message across carrying knives or any dangerous or offence weapon will not be tolerated. Especially where there is a link to drugs and or gangs.

    Well done to PC Robinson and his Team at the Metropolitan Police.

    • “Of no fixed address” – good luck getting that money out of him. A higher fine is pointless if they have no money to pay it.

  • Higher fines certainly are not pointless when we are trying to fight a violent crime and trying to get dangerous knives and weapons of our streets. No money then they would have to receive an immediate custodial sentence for a set term of 6 months.

    However, fines can be deducted direct from a persons benefits if the Courts request a attachment of earnings. In exactly the same way a court can request an attachment of earnings to collect debts or fines from a persons wages.

  • In my opinion they should be ‘fined out of existence’. Any gains made from criminal activity should be confiscated, no exceptions. Hit them where it hurts. Don’t be fooled they WILL make money as they are not as stupid or as illiterate as we’d like to think they are.

    From the news on these gangs, has anyone noted their ability to build a business?
    To assess their potential market and customers. Eliminate their competition. Source their product. Understand and create their distribution channels. Implement a marketing strategy and work out the profit margins. All at the same time as convincing the general public that they come from a disadvantaged poor background. Note people study a masters/degree to get that amount of business knowledge.

    The criminality is how did the education system and the wider society manage to miss these young people. Can you imagine what they could add to this country if they were FORCED, in some way, to channel such skills into LEGAL, MORAL AND SAFE PURSUITS.

    By no means am I congratulating the scumbags, I am just stating that we have so much wasted business talent in our youths today with no strategy to harness that talent for the betterment of country.

    Yes well done to the police on removing another knife off the streets. One less person killed needlessly and one less life wasted in prison.


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