Police “run ragged” after night of Halloween disorder

Police have complained of being run ragged a large number of incidents and assaults last night.

Eltham saw the cinema evacuated, Welling had shops targeted and Woolwich saw numerous incidents.

Cinema evacuated after fireworks launched inside

At Welling, police state people had “been rampaging through Tesco Express where a member of staff and two members of the public were assaulted. With a lack of officers available we stopped as many as we could, the rest ran”.

Two cars were overturned in the area. Blenhill police took to social media to explain and express frustration.

Over in Woolwich a large number of incidents were reported. A large police presence did not seem to impact groups targeting the public with complaints of police inaction.

Some reports state police watched as fireworks were launched at lone women walking home from the DLR and rail station. Residents complain police could see but didn’t raise voices at perpetrators let alone move in.

It would appear the decision not to intervene in some cases has cost authorities quite a bit of faith from the public.

In contrast a video does show police chasing some an individual near stations in Woolwich earlier in the evening.

Perhaps they were outnumbered later in the evening and thought it prudent to sit back – though many are baffled. There are fears it has now emboldened those causing problems in coming days.



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    10 thoughts on “Police “run ragged” after night of Halloween disorder

    • Shades of London riots 2011 where police sat back in the early stages and it gave a great boost to those causing trouble. We all know how that strategy worked.

      Yesterday in Woolwich was a disgrace. Groups could do what they want in large numbers as police watched. There were dozens in those groups if not more. I doubt front line officers wanted to stand there so who gave that order?

      A surefire way to cause frustration from the public and lose support. Not everyone will blame management for not doing anything and officers instead get the flak.

      Now all those who did it will feel they can do it again this weekend. What next – a car or bus being set alight? It’s a very slippery slope the police are on. They have to get firm.

      • I witnessed this last night from a bus that got hit by a firework. The inaction was unbelievable. They were doing what they liked and getting away with it.

      • Police too busy hunting down “offensive” tweets and memes on internet, thats the real priority.

        • That’s a nonsense as police officers will tell you.

      • My son and friend had the bikes stolen from them by a big group of young boys outside the town hall, police were in the area standing in a side street but didn’t approach the incident and didn’t appear to be interested. This was video and uploaded on social media, when police attended my house that evening no action was taken

    • But a train of Charlton fans coming back from west Bromwich last weekend was met by hundreds of old bill, taking details of each supporter honestly trying to get home.

      Get your head around that.

    • There are always excess police at football matches. 99%of the time nothing happens. Nice spot of easy overtime.

    • The Police must act in situations like this. More Police are require no one doubts this. But the Police have given a green light for more crime by not responding to or investigating certain inicidents.

      We need more police out of the cars and back walking the beats is also along with more Specilaist Response units which respond to serious incidents like these incidents on Halloween where there are large numbers involved.

      But it is not the only the Poilice there are also too many do gooders out there that try tto protect these thugs and they behavior and try to stop action being taken against tnem.

      Every Borough should have their own Police Commands.

    • Please may I be allowed go explain why I used the word “thugs” in my previous post. The reason being that when we get problems to this extent like we saw in Woolwich on Halloween. It is because these are not always down to local youths.

      But are pre-planned by groups often from outside the Borough that travel to another area with the sole intent of causing trouble just like football hooligans that travel to football matches with the sole aim of causing trouble with fans that have gone to watch match.

      Thiis was proven with incidents seen at Plumstead and Welling a few months back where many of those incolved were widely reported to come from East London.

      So these are in real terms orgnaised crimes if you like.

      • That makes sense. I used to go to Woolwich College back in 1990 and a few – very few – of the young lads were being recruited by ethnic gangs from across the river. The Pakistani boys were being buttered up by the more radical lot at Finsbury Park and some of the West Indian lads were approached by the Black Horse yardies. Mostly they picked out the loners, and you could easily spot the outsiders. These days I imagine all it takes is a mobile phone to reach out to people and make them feel wanted. ‘Outside agitators’ was the disparaged term used on American college campuses in the 60s but it still holds true.


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