Charlton land sold with plans for up to 1,500 new homes

The next stage of Charlton’s masterplan to provide 7,500 homes has taken a step closer. A plot of industrial land has been sold for £45 million to developer Montreaux.

This site is currently home to Dawsons bus hire and Stone Foundries who produce products for the aerospace, defence and motor sport industries. In the past they created vast propellers for ocean going liners, as this British Pathe film shows.

Charlton masterplan will see at least 7,500 homes

I’ll confess I had no idea this particular company operated in Charlton. It’s a shame I’ve only found out when the land is sold – and that skilled jobs appear to be going.

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Stone Foundries former owner Langham Industries agreed to sell the company last year, and part of the plan was to then sell land, whose value would have increased once the masterplan was adopted.

Charlton Masterplan

It’s of course far from the only scheme in the area.

Other sites include U+I’s proposal for 520 homes at Westminster Industrial Estate, covered in September 2018 here.

520 homes planned for this site

And there’s also a plan for 1,350 homes at Herringham Road partly on a Go-Kart track as covered in May this year.

1,350 home plans are just one scheme coming to Charlton

Stone Foundries lies between the two plots highlighted above.

A school is being upgraded to take 950 pupils – up from 600:

Charlton school to expand from 600 to 950 pupils

Komoto are also planning 500 homes in long, slab-like blocks:

Herringham Road

Rockwell’s plans were blocked on appeal on a site closest to retail parks.

These schemes total less than half of the total number of new homes. A new public transport link is due to run through the entire site, yet the very first application (Rockwell) messed about with the intended route. While it was refused, it wasn’t due to making future bus journeys slower.

Greenwich Council have been buying some land in the area too. What they plan to do with it will be interesting.

How the increased population will be accommodated is a mystery on many fronts. It feeds into many areas – hospitals and transport including the nearby Silvertown Tunnel plus Southeastern’s future franchise and forthcoming capacity.

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3 thoughts on “Charlton land sold with plans for up to 1,500 new homes

  • all well with more housing and yes agree it’s needed and would help enormously in areas requiring much needed regeneration. but, surely Greenwich could force developers who predominantly want to produce private housing with clauses to support in building council housing on public land for approved applications on private land? So the council spends the £65 million on building new homes instead of wasting it on overpriced market valued homes across London and Medway.

  • I agree with the comments above from Ashley.

    Although the new homes are very much welcomed. More council homes do need to be built on public land and some approved private land if we are to ease the housing crisis for people on the council housing list. Who cannot afford to buy or rent privately.


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