Waitrose sell Bromley store to Lidl

Waitrose sell Bromley store to Lidl

Waitrose have tonight announced the closure of seven stores and loss of 700 jobs. According to The Guardian, one of the stores is Bromley which they are selling to Lidl.

Initially I thought of the branch located beside Bromley South station. That seemed odd given Lidl have only just opened a new store on Bromley High Street. The Waitrose is also far larger than every Lidl store.

I’ve since found the Press Release which confirms it is the Burnt Ash Lane branch south of Grove Park.

Waitrose have recently been struggling and closed five stores last year. Lidl has seen huge sales growth.




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4 thoughts on “Waitrose sell Bromley store to Lidl

  1. It is a real shame to see some of the Waitrose Stores closing. They may be more expensive than some of the other retailers. But the quality of food from Waitrose and Marks & Spencers is excellent.

    I guess it is all down to what people can afford as we see peoples salaries frozen or not rising as fast as they once did despite a rise in the general cost of living.

    However, it is good to see the stores sold on to other retailers like Lidl rather than just leaving the stores empty for years,

  2. Hopefully it may curb private house prices. But I would of preferred an Aldi. As we already have a Lidl on both Eltham and Bromley high street.

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