Authorities launch operation on Plumstead High Street

A multi-agency operation by Greenwich Council Trading Standards, HMRC, Immigration and Police was launched today on Plumstead High Street.

Courtesy @MPSPlumstead

Police tweeted that a large number of tobacco had been seized.

Courtesy @MPSPlumstead

A similar operation was carried out in Woolwich a couple of weeks ago.


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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

5 thoughts on “Authorities launch operation on Plumstead High Street

  • Mean while the Greenwich council do nothing to stop the crack cocaine roulette that illegals sit around playing £2 spin £120 a hour roulette loosing or stashing their illegal drug money stashed in bookmakers roulette machines to draw cash when the police in area return to their canteen and high street is less risk of police presence to apprehend the drug mules in area

    Knife 🔪 crime is all high in borough

    The council state roulette is down to central government to regulate not the council

    But roulette is part of what keeps illegals in area supplied by money lost by many punters

    As a £2 stake over 37 numbers. Makes more people loose quicker than the old £50 spin

    But if people litter wait eventually thoes machines go through payout sequences approx same time daily

    The illegals have clocked this and survive on the losses of many unaware of how the roulette works and also begging on the streets of woolwich plumstead and robbing people too

    The local Greenwich council simply are not interested and pass the buck to the government .

    • Do you have any tangible and verifiable proof of your assertion. I see a glaring hole in it, Police Canteens have on the whole been closed down and constables get their refs anywhere they can, for example you very often see cars parked up on Plumstead Common. The BP garage at Avery Hill is also requented. So please supply a link to these hoards of illegals and their roulette

    • Glad to see the police getting their priorities right.obviously illegal tobacco is more important than me getting assaulted by my daughter’s mother plumstead police took 6 months to respond and say they weren’t pressing charges.this is a soft option targeting shopkeepers. If police arrested women for assault I would applaud it .if I hit a woman I’m going straight to a cell if she’s hits me she gets away with it..

  • Hordes of illegals and roulette? Given the precise nature of the description you’ve either played and lost or have stumbled across a phenomena unreported until now. I do agree begging is a problem, given that most of the beggars are professionals (the shaking one with the short crutch who hangs around Woolwich can be seen in Stratford on Saturday walking just fine) but this talk of canteens and drug mules makes the area sound like it’s the creation of Sax Rohmer

  • I am only happy to see that there is a joined up approach to tackling crime.
    With the number of agencies attending the raid, the number of potential crimes that must have been detected has got to be higher than normal.

    The police are really not to blame in this instance, we as the electorate must continue to communicate and expect a high standard of service from the police at all times. That way there is a 2 way dialogue which can only improve the service provided in the future.

    All Agencies – Can you imagine the positive press and local support you would get if you all could work together consistently? You might even, one fine day, be held up as a case study.

    Now all that is left is for RBG to fine or penalise the shops that were selling the illegal cigarettes.
    There I go again dreaming that the council will play their part…………well at least the confiscation of the cigarettes is a step in the right direction. God only knows what’s in them and who made them.


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