CCTV still not authorised for traffic issues in Greenwich borough

We finally have an answer after many ignored questions to Greenwich borough politicians on the use of CCTV use on issues on the roads. It turns out Greenwich Council has not adopted the use of CCTV against traffic violations such as parents parking badly outside schools despite talk of doing so for years.

A couple of years ago it was said the use of CCTV was being looked into. Most London authorities use it and have for a long time. Approval is needed from outside body London Councils but it’s normally a very easy thing to gain.

A council document shows that “work is currently underway to apply to London Councils to adopt powers to enforce Moving Traffic Contraventions (MTCs), currently the responsibility of the police, using CCTV in line with most other London boroughs”.

Quite why it has taken so long is a mystery. Cameras can also be used to capture those blocking crossings, bus stops and bus lanes as well as jumping red lights.

Buses could stop calling at Plumstead station

In related news, the council’s income from parking will be £1 million short again this financial year. The total is over £10 million since 2012/13.

Income from fines is used to fund concessionary fares such as free bus travel for over 60s. The shortfall has meant money has been taken from other budgets to plug the gap.

Other authorities also use some income to improve streets and encourage walking and promote healthier lifestyles.

Future posts

I’ll cover more issues in this document as like so many it paints a somewhat slanted picture on big issues. One such example is comparing Greenwich to outer London boroughs rather than inner London when it comes to issues such as car growth. On some external measures Greenwich Council are catagorised as an inner London borough and others as outer London.

A comparison to inner London could well be more realistic when it comes to transport issues on internal documents. It would certainly mean targets are more stringent.

Another favourite when it comes to parking problems is lines such as “it is not possible to maintain a permanent presence” such as beside Plumstead station. No one is asking for that. Of course that is impossible, but a frequent presence would be an improvement.

There’s a spectrum between very infrequent and constant and the line is currently far closer to the former than the latter. They mention increased patrols recently but as seen today (again) with about 10 cars blocking a bus lane it’s far from enough. Last month an average of 2.5 tickets a week “robust”.

Courtesy @Wildster180774
Bus lane approach blocked.

Hopefully councillors on scrutiny panels challenge these reports robustly in the true sense of the word.

I often receive messages from people complaining of parking around schools. If you have pictures of problems (or in other places) email them to



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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “CCTV still not authorised for traffic issues in Greenwich borough

    • Another excuse for doing absolutely nothing. I wonder if the threat of drivers not to serve the troublesome routes will bring Greenwich council to book?

    • What threat? Certainly not from bus drivers, they don’t hold that sort of power. They do what they are contracted to do. Parking needs to be made available, a section of the pavement needs to be adjusted where possible and parking solutions need to be met as it is a busy station and the presence of shops and the Mosque needs to be catered for. The council had an opportunity to do this when they fixed up the roads around that recently.

    • About time. A couple of selfish people are slowing down hundreds at Plumstead station and putting people in danger.

      Shuaib – Bus drivers do hold that power if they go on strike or take action and perfectly able to using safety as a reason. There’s plenty of precedents.

      Parking is available. Selfish people still block the road when spaces taken instead of walking from other areas or using public transport. Pure selfishness and if everyone did it all roads would be blocked. The needs of a few do not come above many more trying to get around.

      Plenty of busy stations survive without double and sometime triple parking outside.

    • This is the consequences of poor local planning and council policy.
      You can’t keep increasing the density of buildings and reducing parking provisions without having consequences – not that I’m condoning selfish and dangerous parking
      I don’t like the idea of CCTV camera’s for parking enforcement, just employ a traffic warden who will concentrate on the hotspots.
      The council should also contact the local mosque regarding worshippers driving and parking in the area to find some sort of solution.
      A short term pickup/drop off for the station should be offered but regulations strongly enforced

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