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A reminder of how wonderful Greenwich Park is

I don’t spend enough time in Greenwich Park.

Every time I visit I’m reminded of what a stunning place it is and how incredible the views over London are.

You not only have the picture postcard sight of Inigo Jones’ Queen’s House but views over the ever changing landscape of Canary Wharf and the City.

The City of London’s newest and tallest

The bulk of 225 Bishopsgate is really on show from this angle. I took a look at the building last week where 12,000 people will work.

Towers near the O2 also now display prominently:

The park and views beat any others in London for me. Better than, say, Richmond Park and better views than Hampstead Heath.

It’s all there. The classical brilliance of the Queen’s House, the Naval College beyond then the Thames leading to an exciting and varied modern skyline. Each enhances the other.

Look right and Victorian industry is there in the power station serving London’s tube, near the O2, and turn left for St Paul’s and the City skyline, with post war social housing towers next to new build homes.

If you havn’t been in a while do yourself a favour and rekindle that love with the views. All of London is laid out before you.


  1. Tim Scott

    Thanks for this. Yes, Greenwich Park is a great place. In addition to what you wrote, the trees are pretty damn good too, all ancient and gnarly shapes. The Henry Moore sculpture lets the place down though – a bit like art with a capital F. I agree that the views are fantastic, but the Isle of Dogs is beginning to look a tad overcrowded. For another superb view of London and beyond, I recommend the top of Severndroog Tower near the top of Shooters Hill.

  2. Comment by post author


    Shamefully I’ve never been Sevendroog. I really need to rectify that.

    • Tim Scott

      You should go. It’s only open three days a week, but on my first visit there I was completely transfixed. I think it’s my favourite view of London.

  3. Deltoid

    “Navel College”?

  4. anonymous201486

    When I lived in Westcombe Park Road, I used to visit the park nearly everyday and loved looking across to the north side and up and down the river from the spot just behind General Wolfe. However, Canary Wharf is looking increasingly crowded and I can’t help but think that soon residents of those towers will be able to pass each other cups of tea.

    I was in Alexandra Palace recently for an exhibition and whilst I did not go into the parkland, the view of a distant London is good too. Another great view is that from Primrose Hill.

    • Tim Scott

      Yes, both of those are excellent. Parliament Hill in Hampstead Heath is good too, as is Addington Hill, south of Croydon

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