Man shot near Greenwich town centre this morning

A man took himself to hospital this morning after a shooting around 8:30am on Old Pearson Street.

The incident occurred near Jam Woolfe school as children were heading to class. Upon reaching the scene police found bullet casings but no victim. He later arrived at hospital himself.

Injuries are not believed to be life threatening.

If you saw anything you can contact police by calling 101 and quoting 1483/08OCT.

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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

6 thoughts on “Man shot near Greenwich town centre this morning

  • This is getting really out of hand.
    I’m afraid the police have lost control of the streets.
    I’ve lost count of the violent crimes that have happened in the borough in the last month or so.

    Only today when I was walking home from work, I saw a couple run out to chase some wannabe moped theives on old dover road (where it meets shooters hill road).
    It’s a busy main road, and the group just strolled off through the alley to the cherry orchard estate.
    Only last week, also on the way home from work, I walked pass the bus stop on shooters hill road (nexy to old dover road)., only for a teenager to casually kick my bag.
    I believe he was trying to see if it contained a laptop and then decide if to mug me. I stopped and starred at him and just walked off, otherwise it could have easily escalated.

    The police MUST crack down on this low level crime and anti-social behavoiour, otherwise these lowlife criminals feel emboldened to get into more serious crime as they know the police won’t do anything.

    Are there any neighbourhood watch schemes in the borough where these ‘low’ level incidents can be discussed with local police?
    I bet there is a wealth of knowledge/intelligence from local residents that can be useful for the police to concentrate their resources (I know I could give plently of info on criminal/anti-social hotspots).

    • the harvesting of 8 years cuts by the filth called Tories, who destroyed the society once again. Lovely people, and those who vote for them. It really is questioning IQ for those who vote for them

      • Please let’s not get partisan Steph. I’m a traditional Conservative voter, but I (and many of the Conservative base) totally disagree with the police finding cuts (and many other policies). The current Conservative party are Conservative in name only, but that’s a general problem with politics of colours.

        Politics and political correctness is also a problem when it comes to policing.
        You can justifiably criticise the Tory cuts, but yet we’ve seen many many incidences where police go after people who send mean tweets.
        Sadiq Khan created an ‘online hate crime’ hub! Is this really a priority when you have stabbings and shootings on a regular basis?

        Does anyone know of how to informally meet a Neighbourhood officer to discuss the problems and provide information/intelligence? I don’t mean info of a specific crime (i’ll just contact the police ), but general info of what areas are hotspots for certain types of ‘activity’ to help the local booby on the beat?

  • The people concerned will carry knifes guns and be in gangs etc whoever, is in Government as that is the type of people they are sadly are.

    I also totally disagree with cuts to front line policing. However, both the Labour Mayor for London Sadiq Khan and Central Government both need to do more to tackle these crimes.

    Whoever, would want to fire a gun near a school when innocent children are going to school is beyond me. Thankfully no children were hurt on this occasion.


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