Motorcyclist dies in Shooters Hill Road crash

Motorcyclist dies in Shooters Hill Road crash

A motorcyclist is believed to have sadly died following a collision with a van at Shooters Hill Road in the past 90 minutes.

The road is completely closed in both directions between Kidbrooke Park Road and Sun in the Sands roundabout.

Bus routes 89, 178, and the 286 are diverted in both directions with route 132 diverted southbound.

The van driver stopped at the scene and is assisting police.

No arrests have been made.


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15 thoughts on “Motorcyclist dies in Shooters Hill Road crash

  1. The lane pattern from Kidbrook Park Road to the Sun in the Sands roundabout is lethal, where the Blackwall tunnel left turn lane gets added.

    The lanes do not clearly indicate straight on/turning right traffic should move one lane over, and I’ve had close calls there when faster vehicles try to go straight on

  2. This is very sad.

    I disagree with your assessment @Mike Snowden. I am familiar with the Sun in the sands aroundabout. Where there are three lanes, the middle one is for going straight over as the inner is for turning left and the outer for going right. Lack of lane discipline is what causes confusion and accidents.

    1. I agree with Mile Snowden.
      The lane markings are not clear (same with the infamous Woolwich flyover roundabout).
      Drivers are in the left lane (long before the roundabout) assuming they can take the first exit or go straight ahead (as the road is only 2 lanes), but not long before you approach the roundabout, the road markings in the left lane show exit left only.
      This causes drivers to then quickly shift to the middle lane at the very last minute, increasing the chances of an accident.
      This is more of a problem with the Woolwich flyover roundabout to the various exits and lack of road markings, meaning drivers straddling into other lanes and last second maneuvers.

  3. Very sad time and wasn’t nice to see my heart broke for the young man an family. The road is dangerous for pedestrians to, cameras and speed checks should be done the road is a accident waiting to happen

    1. It is an extremely hard time for the family and friends (as I’m sure it is for the driver of the van) The loss and the pain is very real. Ayah were you witness to the accident?

      The lane command isn’t as clear as it should be and most definitely can leave you short of time to make decisions.😢

  4. Traffic travels fast along this stretch of the road. Road markings are in urgent need of repainting, My thoughts are with the family and friends of the young man and the driver of the van who I hope is ok. All main road with really busy junctions like this should have traffic lights set that change in sequence so the vehicles move safely in turn,

  5. Sadly this young man passed away leaving his children without their Daddy, So very sad as I know his mother who is beyond devastated. Take care out there. I also agree that this stretch of road is more than confusing, people still take the right from the middle lane which is meant to be straight over, sadly this wont bring him back so maybe something needs to change on that part of the road. There has been many accidents on this road.
    RIP – taken too soon x

  6. Tragic, broken hearted for the family, I too lost my young brother in similar circumstances who left two little girls, 12 years on we are still broken hearted thoughts and prayer to this young mans family anything that can make the road safer is welcomed.

    1. Sorry to hear this Stephanie, there are no words that will make this dull ache go away, I used to live on the A2 before the relief road was in place and our house was always open to the numerous accidents that happened outside, you never get used to it.

      May they both RIP.

  7. I have requested that some kind of roundabout be placed at this junction but nothing materialised and they didn’t even bother getting back to me. I live in a house right near this junction and there have been numerous fatalities involving motor bikes . It would slow down the traffic and also I wouldn’t have to go all the way round to get into my house. I know why they don’t want to put one there because the one further down on the heath causes so much congestion especially in the morning. So what is the alternative then! There isn’t one. We need a Roundabout NOW.

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