Tesco look to reduce car parking time at Woolwich superstore

Tesco have submitted plans to reduce parking time at their Woolwich store from three to two hours.

The store has 622 spaces. Tesco are seeking to amend the 2007 S106 agreement which stipulates time limits.

Greenwich Council Officers oppose the move despite stating that a similar number of places would not be approved today.

They also claim that it would harm the wider Town Centre.

However, does the overall lack of management do more harm? As stated before, there isn’t even a Town Centre manager, which is rare.

Strategy for the town centre seems lacking compared to almost all other major London Town Centres with efforts such as a Business Improvement District notable by their absence in Greenwich borough.

It also raises the question of congestion in town centres and encouraging public transport. Encouraging longer parking appears to conflict with Greenwich’s “Green Strategy”.

There is another argument that parking time is needed to compete with Charlton’s retail sheds, which is a problem mostly of Greenwich Councils own making,most recently with a 2012 masterplan that blocked mixed use development.

Local churches are also arguing for longer parking to remain.


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    3 thoughts on “Tesco look to reduce car parking time at Woolwich superstore

    • Problem is the carpark is always very full and you can see that it would affect their trade as people who want to shop cant park or have to park in the darkest corner of the carpark.

      Think the things is, is it a carpark for Tesco or a general town centre car park ?

    • Is there a way for the public to appeal against the proposal?

      • Not now as before planning board tomorrow


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