Coinford wins contract to build new Blackheath development

A Berkeley Homes development of 30 homes at Lee Terrace in Blackheath has taken a step forward after building firm Coinford won the contract to construct the building. There will be 10 houses and 20 flats.

Coinford have a long-standing relationship with Berkeley Homes, and have constructed some of the towers now being built in Woolwich alongside the towers in Kidbrooke beside the station.

Thames-side towers at Woolwich

The development is on the site of a car dealership. Renders show a replacement on the ground floor and homes above, which is a far better use of land. Whether it will be a replacement though I’m not sure, as the dealership has taken a spot at Berkeley’s development in Woolwich.

By the way, Coinford are worth a follow on Twitter as they regularly post photos showing progress at their sites.


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5 thoughts on “Coinford wins contract to build new Blackheath development

  • What a shame. Quite a prominent spot (about 100m from where I live), and quite a big building for the area. Maybe they should have got an architect in, rather than leaving the design to the quantity surveyor – I’m not sure the pseudo-conservation “nothing to see here” look really works for such an ungainly lump.

    Also hope that the single large commercial unit space doesn’t remain empty long term , as is the fashion in these parts (if the garage has indeed moved elsewhere).

  • The illustrated building looks enormous. The site is not that wide, although it goes back quite a bit. The Stephen James BMW showroom has been demolished and the groundworks have begun.

  • I had another look at the site as I was passing. It’s bigger than I thought as the black glass annexe fooled the eye. I still think the new building is overscale and that the retail space should be ditched. On second thoughts, this would be an ideal site for a Waitrose as there are bus stops a few metres away and the area is close to Blackheath Village.

  • I have since discovered that the BMW showroom will be returning, so no Waitrose.

  • Looks ugly and completely out of scale. Obviously designed on a computer with little Sympathy for elegance, beauty and the surrounding area. Why does it have to look so brutal? Why have architects these days lost the abuility to design attractive buildings? Grim


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