Woolwich tower planned on pub site with local park improvements


Plans for a tower in Woolwich will be considered for planning approval next week. It’s on the site of the former Albion pub, close to Charlton and the Morris Walk estate which is also to be demolished in coming years.

Alan Camp Architects designed the building. It’s not the biggest tower. It’ll stand at 45 metres and 13 storeys. Morris Walk is currently 10 storeys in height and outline plans for replacement stand at 18 storeys.


Morris Walk estate’s demolition is part of the ‘One Woolwich’ scheme.

“Morris Walk Estate (South) comprising of the construction of up to 462 residential dwellings with associated access, parking and private and public open spaces (ref: 14/0126/O). Indicatively, the heights of the buildings were to be between 3 and 18 storeys.

On 2 nd April, 2015, an outline planning application was granted for the redevelopment of the Morris Walk Estate (North) comprising of the construction of up to 304 residential dwellings with associated access, parking and private and public open spaces (ref: 14/0127/O). Indicatively the height of the buildings were to be between 3 and 18 storeys”

I expect this plan will pass pretty easily given the location and precedent for height. It ticks the box for “affordable” housing with a ratio of 37.5%. Of 40 flats 15 are classified as affordable; 11 are social rent and 4 intermediate.

Only 4 car parking spaces are provided – a 2.5% ratio.


Local benefits

Some very welcome news is utilising developer contributions to benefit the local area – something all too often absent in Greenwich borough.

“A financial contribution should be sought for Maryon Park and Gilbert’s Pit for access and environment improvements and to allow the contribution to be spent on new signage and/or footpath, step. Railing, walls, park furniture and play equipment’s.”

It’s great to see this and hopefully this points the way forward to locals benefiting from housing developments.

Also some Section 106/Community Infrastructure Levy money will improve the adjacent pedestrian underpass under the railway.

With mulitple schemes in the vicinity it seems a missed opportunity not to at least look into moving Woolwich Dockyard station slightly further west. A new station would mean the problem of short platforms preventing 12-car train carriages from stopping is removed.

Rochester saw a new station open in early 2016 for £26 million to give a possible estimate into costs. When looking at nearby plans with 760 homes at Morris Walk, another possible 18-storey tower by the roundabout plus Charlton Riverside bringing thousands within walking distance, then at least looking into the possibility is worth it.

woolwich charlton tower

charlton woolwich tower aerial 2

Unfortunately Greenwich Council’s panel which looks into Regeneration and Transport only meets every three months. The latest has been cancelled meaning six months without a panel calling people to question, commissioning reports or analysing rapid changes.

Planning reference is 16/0762/F


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J Smith

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    2 thoughts on “Woolwich tower planned on pub site with local park improvements

    • A new station sounds like a good plan to help with long term growth. It would take the council or large developer to push for. As the council seem not to care at all (6 month gap in meetings on these crucial local issues is beyond belief) and developers are in hock to the council given its an estate regeneration then it’s unlikely locals will get anyone fighting for them.

      Still, I’m glad some locals will gain something in the wider area, unless they revert to type and take it away for purposes unknown, leaving the area in long-term decline like so many areas.

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