New ASDA in Lewisham to open on 17th October


Passing by the new developments in Lewisham I spotted lots of green stickers revealing the opening date for ASDA on Loampit Vale. 17th October is the day.

What caught my eye was the sign for a 100-place car park. Perhaps not the best in such a congested location. The queue on the road was stretching back about half a mile from this point. You’ll have to excuse the poor quality phone pics in this post:

Traffic queuing towards Lewisham Town Centre and forthcoming ASDA site

It’s a sizable store – bigger than smaller supermarket blueprints of a Tesco Metro or Sainsburys Local which it may appear when looking at the entrance.

They’ll be no shortage of punters arriving on foot though. The student block over the road, which has 410 rooms, has completed and was bringing life to the area, though this pic doesn’t exactly show it.


Whilst many of the new developments looked pretty sterile and lacking in life, there was a steady stream of people coming and going and using the facilities.

Next door to this is the Flora Villa development:


A few more stories to go I believe.

And just the other side of the railway bridge, demolition was ongoing for a new Family Mosaic block:


I wrote a post on what will be constructed on this spot which can be seen here.

87-89 Loampit Vale


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