More Southeastern Railway Woes

Another bemused grumble today. See the last post for background.

So yesterday in the evening rush hour, instead of the usual 8 coach train that has arrived consistently for over a year of commuting, or the short 6 coach that had been on all last week, came a 4 coach train. This is rush hour, and going to Gillingham. This had never happened before since I started using the line daily 18 months ago. Ever since I’ve been back there’s been a problem. After 2 days of short trains last week I though it might be unlucky a co-incidence, but after 5 days something’s amiss.

Although the problems of southeastern have been much discussed, the problems I’ve seen in the week I’ve been back now are worse than anything I had experienced in the 18 months I used them before I left the UK in May for 6 weeks. Though the company comes in for much criticism, rightfully, it’s normally down to one off events and subsequent abysmal communications. The large price increases is a big complaint as well, but that’s dictated by the Department for Transport. However day to day running is normally ok. I have had very few cancellations or consistently short trains except this past week. Today it continued with a cancellation of my morning train. Something has gone very wrong at southeastern based on the past 5 days.


UPDATE: Tuesday 12th July – train cancelled again this morning.

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