Revised plans for Woolwich Waterfront towers

Berkeley Homes have slightly revised plans for towers on the former Waterfront leisure centre car park site in Woolwich. The scheme includes 764 flats.

The changes are pretty minor but the application does offer new images of the scheme, which is now underway with piling ongoing.

Entrances to towers are now more pronounced. Window design on the towers has also been altered. Instead of a tapered form with 45 degree windows angles (seen on left below) they are now 90 degrees (on right):

Since construction on the towers begun visitor numbers to the Waterfront have dropped sharply. A lack of parking is given as one reason.

Former car park

The towers will top out at 20 floors. This is an earlier render of the scheme:

Earlier view of towers

A water feature and ribbon of green space will stretch from near Woolwich Elizabeth Line station to the Thames.

Despite the prime riverside spot, commercial space for bars, restaurants and community space by the Thames is quite limited which seems odd given the potential.

You can view these proposed changes by clicking here.


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    2 thoughts on “Revised plans for Woolwich Waterfront towers

    • I cannot believe there isn’t a mixed use application for the ground floors of these buildings! It seems odd due to the fact that many other developments have shops/retailers designed into there schemes.
      Could it be a back-handed deal with Tesco’s preventing competition? Afterall, Tesco’s was originally to be a 24 hour store, but since opening, the custom has lived up to their estimation.

    • Whilst on paper the idea of mixed use in these blocks sounds good, anyone who has spent time on the waterfront here will realise that it is extremely windy and often wet, making the location less than ideal for a shopping area. There is one small cafe (congusto) on the waterfront which is turned away from the waters edge and shielded by a high wall, however any potential shops at the base of these blocks will have no such protections from the elements


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