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Number of Greenwich Council traffic wardens revealed – explains £9 million parking budget hole?

Complaints about parking have been widespread recently. I’ve seen terrible parking myself a hell of a lot all over the borough and now a reader has sent in figures of how many Civil Enforcement Officers Greenwich Council employ after a Freedom of Information request.

Here’s what Greenwich Council told them.

So the latest figure show they have less in 2016/17 than seven years ago. Given population growth alongside many new homes, new schools (where problems are widespread) and shops  this is bizarre.

Central Government cuts can’t be blamed as traffic officers are self-financing. Indeed, not having enough has led to at least a £9 million budget gap over the past five years.

There is talk of hiring more wardens and a figure of five has been mentioned. Assuming no employees left since last year (and it’s probable at least one staff member did) that takes it to 24. Is that enough with all the new builds and new schools like the large St Mary Magdalene’s now being built at Greenwich Peninsula, which will have 1,646 pupils including a 420 place primary school, a 900 place secondary school and a 300 place 6th Form alongside 200 staff.

There’s also forthcoming expansion of parking zones all over the borough. Five extra officers may just be focused on those areas, meaning endemic problem spots like the new £1.2 million cycle and bus lane from Plumstead to Woolwich, or Abbey Wood estate, are missed off.

It looks like they’re running just to stay still.

I doubt anyone wants the sneaky Bexley Council approach of trying to trick drivers, but neither is Greenwich’s abject failure to implement parking rules. Changes are needed for the good of pedestrians, school children, shopping parade access, emergency services (parking blocked Fire Engine access recently a day after parking issues were highlighted at Greenwich Peninsula) and more.

Why that has been ignored the past seven years despite millions less than budgeted coming in is a mystery. And whether five will be sufficient now remains to be seen. It’s a good step granted, but enough?



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  1. Temi

    It’s a start but 5 alone could cover Plumstead and Abbey Wood. Add in Woolwich which has cars all over the place especially on Sundays blocking paving and traffic, cars on paving wrecking the upgraded Eltham, and all other places with problems and really I can’t see it being enough. If a couple of staff retire or leave then barely any change from 2011.

  2. Chris

    I pay over 100 pounds a year to park outside my own house, as do many others in the borough.

    Where does this money go?

    • EssKay

      Council pensions Chris…

      That’s the number one funding priority – never mind new staff or services – it’s all about keeping those gold plated pensions

      It’s also why you got a council tax increase this year and will do again next year

  3. Abi

    Big money gone begging. Anyone in charge to be held accountable?

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