Rebuilt Deptford pub the Noah’s Ark revealed after unauthorised demolition

A Deptford pub almost entirely demolished has now emerged after a rebuild.

Noah’s Ark on the corner of Deptford High Street and Evelyn saw the roof and upper floors removed around five years ago.

Back in 2019 it emerged that after approval was given to add flats and renovate the façade, the building was being demolished without apparent permission.

As seen in 2021

The building sits in a Conservation Zone covering Deptford High Street. Lewisham Council stated the developer had not been given approval.

Developer Visionbell stated they undertook action for safety reasons, which some disputed.

In recent weeks hoardings and sheeting has been removed. However no windows are as yet in place.

Rebuilt pub without windows

The structure has seen the addition of a mansard roof as approved before demolition.

The ground floor exterior hasn’t been touched. Back in 2019 it appears a lot of what was behind was being gutted.

Last month Lewisham council approved designs for the ground floor exterior.

The building hasn’t been used as a pub for many years. Approved plans see commercial space on the ground floor.



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    One thought on “Rebuilt Deptford pub the Noah’s Ark revealed after unauthorised demolition

    • I passed this site a couple of weeks’ ago, but the building was still hidden. I am glad that the developer has been forced to reinstate the building. I hope it also includes the appropriate windows to the front elevation – quite a lot of them.


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