Latest look at Silvertown tunnel construction

In around a year Silvertown tunnel will be ready to open linking Greenwich peninsula and Silvertown via a two-lane tunnel in each direction.

With work now on the final straight let’s take a look at what’s been underway in recent weeks at the £2.2 billion tunnel constructed via a PFI deal with Riverlinx.

Tunnel mouth with approach cut and cover tunnels now being covered

Up on the cable car one noticeable change seen is the advancement of cut and cover sections leading to the main tunnel.

The below image taken in September 2023 shows the scene before cut and cover tunnel pieces were in place and covered.

Taken last September

In terms numerous new roads in Silvertown little seems altered since I last took a look some weeks ago.

Work continues on the main control tower above the tunnel mouth but little to see from up here beneath the scaffolding and sheeting.

This is how it will eventually appear.

Final appearance of control tower

Housing nearby

Most traffic will head across the Leamouth peninsula beside Limmo peninsula where Transport for London plan 1,500 homes.

The below render also gives an impressions of how the finished road network north of the Thames should appear.

Silvertown road network upon completion

When the tunnel is operational a separate major residential development is set to be built to the south of the tunnel approach.

That will possibly include the long-awaited new Thames Wharf DLR station but funding for that is not yet secured. The section seen in the image below would be the site of a new station.

Potential DLR station

South of the Thames and the cable car isn’t much use for aerial views. Street level views show work continuing on the southern control tower.

Aerial views show the masses of car parking that still remain across Greenwich peninsula.

Looking towards Greenwich tunnel entrance

Tolls will be applied to both the Blackwall tunnel and Silvertown tunnel from 2025.

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4 thoughts on “Latest look at Silvertown tunnel construction

  • Building of the Silvertown Tunnel is now taking pace as the opening of the Silvertown Tunnel draws closer and due to open in 2025.
    I am still concerned about the increase traffic congestion on both sides of the Tunnel despite both the Silvertown Tunnel and Blackwall Tunnel have toll charges. Previously the Blackwall Tunnel was also free to use. Adding extra cost for motorist on top of ULEZ charges.
    I also strongly believe Sadiq Khan Mayor of London should not have cut the proposed bus services to use the Silvertown Tunnel from 5 bus routes to two bus routes. The Silvertown Tunnel cannot be called a public transport friendly Tunnel if not well used by frequent bus services linking more areas either side of the Tunnel.

  • When tolls are introduced on both Blackwall and Silvertown tunnels won’t this push traffic more west to Rotherhithe Tunnel and even Tower Bridge, both currently free to use?

  • Thames Wharf DLR station that is to be built on the DLR Woolwich Arsenal branch will be next to the Silvertown Tunnel.

  • I think that residents massively affected (by living next to the new tunnel entrance/exit), should have exemption from paying the toll to use the Silvertown tunnel


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