Abbey Wood’s former Post Office demolished in advance of housing development

A former Post Office in Abbey Wood is no more years after plans to demolish were unveiled.

In its place will be a low-rise block comprising housing and commercial/office space.

Plan approved at Post Office site

This is the second attempt at the site which saw saw the post office vacate the site some years ago.

It was one of the few Crown Post offices remaining in the area.

Refused in 2015

The building was no beauty and the top floor seemed barely used for decades.

I’m no spring chicken and can’t remember the top floor ever being in use.

Now gone

The replacement housing block provides new homes and commercial space at street level.

A replacement Post Office – though not one that offers services the Crown Post office did though no idea these days whether that’s even a thing – opened next to Sainsbury’s the other side of Abbey Wood station.

Post Office replacement

That site itself has its own history. It was supposed to be a new library but then Greenwich realised it’d be very close to the pre-existing plan for a new Thamesmead library. Thus Section 106 funds for it obtained from the Cross Quarter development including Sainsbury’s wasn’t spent on site as planned.

Yet they don’t appear to have been spent anywhere locally. Subsequent plans to revamp the existing Abbey Wood library in 2019 have never happened. But that’s for a future post.

Plans for construction on site have been submitted. We shall see if that happens or, given how long it’s taken, the site sits empty joining many others in the area



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    One thought on “Abbey Wood’s former Post Office demolished in advance of housing development

    • The top floor used to be the old Abbey Wood/Thamesmead Royal Mail delivery office. I worked there from 1980-1987.


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