Greenwich parking cost to be based on emissions

Greenwich Council are set to join other authorities across the UK in charging parking permits based on emissions.

Fees will increase based on gas guzzler levels, with an increasing rate above 110g/km of carbon dioxide.

Not all areas will see the new charges. Abbey Wood, Charlton, around Blackheath Standard, Eltham North and Westcombe Park will change at a later date because those controlled parking zones are being revised.

Abbey Wood was due to see an expanded CPZ from 2018. Greenwich spent thousands on consultation and approved measures six years ago then never adopted control.

Abbey Wood streets clogged. Six years after parking controls announced and nothing happened 

Now the Elizabeth line is running for some time many roads in Abbey Wood are full of parked vehicles, often blocking paths and junctions. With Greenwich Councils notoriously poor enforcement, little happens and it’s become an ever bigger issue.

They’re still twiddling thumbs as more and more drivers head in from far afield each day to park.

For now they can continue to do so while others face higher charges.

We must celebrate great management from Greenwich Council’s Highways Department once again. Somehow Greenwich Council;’s Cabinet and councillors still give the inept top brass in the Highways Department a clean pass after years of failings.


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    6 thoughts on “Greenwich parking cost to be based on emissions

    • Many people want to Park and take Crossrail but Greenwich Council have provided nowhere to Park
      Penalising people who want to Park somewhere is not the answer

      • It’s zone 4 London. Expecting parking is silly. It’s a built up areas and what happened in the 80s when London had seen 2 million leave isn’t possible now when 2 million people have moved back. Take a bus or train to Abbey Wood. Don’t clog the streets up with cars.

    • @Roy I think the point is being made that Greenwich Council don’t enforce any traffic laws, so pretty redundant to think up new parking charging structures if they don’t penalise illegal parking in the first place.

    • Parked cars on road near Lidl are a pain for traffic in Abbywood now.

    • I don’t understand basing parking fees on emissions when a parked vehicle isn’t generating tailpipe emissions of any kind. Just base the fees on time spent parked, with the first few hours at a reasonable price so as to allow genuine visitors and further hours increasingly ramped up to discourage all day commuter parking, and enough with the environmental soundbites and pandering already…


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