Canary Wharf Elizabeth line station usage up 30 per cent

Figures from Transport for London show steady growth at Canary Wharf station since the line opened last summer, with passenger taps rising from 757,925 in June 2022 up to 1,051,488 in February 2023.

That was slightly lower than 1,149,145 seen in November 2022. February of course is a shorter month and traditionally quieter than pre-Christmas.

If no further growth the Elizabeth line would recorded it would be in line for 15 million journeys this year, which is someway below the 48 million that the tube station saw in 2019. That is unlikely.

Looking from DLR

It’s closer to the 2019 levels for the DLR which saw 18.4m. The DLR though has a number of stations spaced closely together.

One factor for current numbers being someway below the Jubilee line aside from recent work changes is the location north of the main Canary Wharf estate as well as most residential blocks that have been built. North Quay sits beside the site and has been vacant for many years.

North Quay

Work is only now finally starting on the first block as covered here.

North Quay in 2023

In time the intention is to build a number of towers across the site.

In addition improved links to poplar DLR station are planned, and possibly a decked walkway over Transport for London’s DLR sidings in Poplar with housing constructed alongside.

Render looking from Poplar station to North Quay

A July 2021 masterplan covers the area. If advanced, it would integrate the station into areas to the north and provide better connections to the DLR.

North Quay life sciences block short start rising soon

In time high density development is also expected at the Billingsgate market site, with the City of London seeking to move all three major markets east to Barking.

That would bring many more homes, businesses and commercial space close to the Elizabeth line station.





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