Greenwich to reintroduce town centre deep cleaning across borough

Greenwich Council look set to reintroduce deep cleaning of town centres in an attempt to improve the appearance of the borough.

A flytipping task force will also return according to a document before the borough’s Overview and Scrutiny Committee. In addition Plumstead and Woolwich will benefit from additional cleaning staff.


The authority purchased jet washers around 2016 to clean busy shopping areas including those where millions had been spent on upgrades, then mothballed the equipment in 2020.

Work should now resume in Eltham, Woolwich, Greenwich, Plumstead and Abbey Wood (Wilton Road).

Abbey Wood public realm was upgraded then routine cleaning ceased

Many town centre public realm projects in the recent past utilised materials that quickly look shabby without maintenance.

In the near future Woolwich town centre is set to see £20 million spent on changes that will require ongoing and substantial cleaning.

Powis Street plan. Landscaping will require regular cleaning

Plumstead is in the midst of a £6 million project though early results aren’t the best.

Plumstead High Street work
Appearance some way from earlier plan

We see light coloured paving which discolours quickly without deep cleaning.

Note how pavement colour in Greenwich differs with a darker shade which helps to hide natural wear and tear.

Nelson Road

The program of deep cleans, a fly tipping task force and additional staff for routine cleaning and sweeping will cost £578,000.



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5 thoughts on “Greenwich to reintroduce town centre deep cleaning across borough

  • Pleased to hear of the flytipping task force, or at least finally some attention given to the scourge of flytipping that blights this borough. Driving down Western way is like driving through a landfill site.

  • Wasn’t there already a fly-tipping task force? Who dealt with fly tips on fixmystreet then, and how will this improve things? Don’t you just love the words ‘task force’, makes people think wow that sounds like it will work, but what does it mean? Diverting the same staff from other tasks? Employing more full-timers? Let’s have some specific data instead of political rhetoric. And with street cleaning/power washing. At last! But I can only hope this applies to Trafalgar Road in Greenwich and not just the centre, as we have all the takeaways here and late night outlets and school kid gatherings 3-4 pm around the fast food. Please don’t forget us in East G!

  • I live next to the river with Thames Walk directly in front. The streets around me are constantly cut off for roadworks. Hoskins Street is full of litter and dog poop. The dog bin was taken away and not replaced. I hope the promise of deep cleaning is true. It certainly is time to honour the historical area!

  • @ Michael G absolutely agree. Pleased to see something will appear to be done at last. The Boroughs Town Centres are also in need of deep cleaning so this is good news.

  • It’s not solely the town centres, its all streets/roads with food outlets nearby! Greenwich town centre is already relatively clean in comparison to Trafalgar Road and East Greenwich. We need regular cleaning. Currently there’s not even sufficient ‘litter picking’ let alone sweeping or washing! It is easy to come to be accustomed to such low standards of cleanliness in all our public spaces, but we shouldn’t allow it to be so. Complain to the council and your councillors if you are unhappy with your streets. If they don’t hear, nothing will change


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