Large mural planned on former cinema near Woolwich ferry roundabout

An application has been made for a mural facing the Woolwich ferry roundabout.

Blank walls of the listed former Granada cinema – now a church – will see artwork from Collective Makers.

Artwork planned

The application states that “The proposed design also features a linear LED light to illuminate the mural with the aim of highlighting the building and positively influencing the area and signposting the western gateway to Woolwich Town Centre.”

A plaque will also be attached to the building commemorating the 1937 building and its history as a cinema.

Proposed plaque

This artwork will join a number of others planned across Woolwich as part of a multi-million pound project.

These four mural sites are part of £74,500 funding package rom Historic England and the National Lottery Heritage Fund

That was covered on a previous post with photos of each site which can be seen here.

The former cinema sits at the western end of Powis Street close to another former cinema now listed. It’s struggled for years and a number of shop units were closed with plans to demolish and redevelop the characterful Mortgramit Square.

1930s buildings could be demolished alongside cobbled streets

Those plans are seemingly stalled.

Mortgramit Square plan would see comprehensive demolition

New towers near this part of Woolwich could bring more footfall to the area.

Taken early in 2022. New tower in area

In time the Woolwich leisure centre site in the area will be redeveloped.

The former Wilko building is being demolished for a new leisure centre freeing up a prime riverside site for housing.

Waterfront set for closure and demolition. New tower seen to rear



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6 thoughts on “Large mural planned on former cinema near Woolwich ferry roundabout

  • I bet they wouldn’t allow a mural like that in Blackheath or Dulwich.

  • That’s going to look quite ugly when it’s done. We probably won’t be able to tell the difference between it and the usual type of graffiti we see everywhere else.

  • Looks like a migraine. Can’t wait to see the finished version to find out if it’s better in real life.

  • I agree, it’s very messy and chaotic looking.

  • I like it.

    I do though think it’s tinkering around the edges of Woolwich which is inhospitable streets in this area and “Royal Greenwich” (lol at that in most of the borough) time and again refusing to utilise revenue from the mass of development for improving public space in the area.

    One suspects they don’t really care for making most of the area better, and do token gestures like murals. The nearby Woolwich High Street is a traffic clogged sewer. Has anyone ever seen a traffic warden ticket all the cars illegally parked?


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