New shops and places to eat opening in Woolwich as town bounces back

There’s further good news for Woolwich at the moment as new businesses continue to show faith in the town with new openings.

Firstly we have Clarks reopening at their former site on Powis Street.

Clarkes site. They left for some time but now reopening. Argos closed and still vacant

In addition, work is ongoing to renovate a unit further east for a new Footlocker store.

In recent weeks a new bubble tea outlet opened on Powis Street.

Further food eateries have also opened at the Woolwich Market site on Hare Street.

This isn’t the old covered market no the outdoor market on Beresford Street, but a number of units in a building near Travelodge.

The latest addition is a Hong Kong style crispy duck and pork restaurant. There’s also Hitachi sushi and South African food from JoBurger to name but two in the market building.

The town centre is benefitting from the new Elizabeth line station which has proved enormously successful, with passenger numbers in August almost reaching the level seen at Canary Wharf.

Woolwich Crossrail usership has been huge since services begun

With both being stand alone stations, it makes comparing usership a bit easier.

With a flurry of plans to improve various buildings across the town centre recently covered on this site, and public realm work also due there’s much to be positive about.

A major development of 523 homes above the Elizabeth line station looks set to be approved next week.

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5 thoughts on “New shops and places to eat opening in Woolwich as town bounces back

  • Much to be excited about! Shame the Clarks building is such a poor design though. Now it ned some substantial ciommunity policing to bring back confidence in public safety.

  • I agree good news for Woolwich. I also agree with Derek time for some substantial community policing to tackle some of the issues that have affected Woolwich and kept people away from the area. Woolwich used to be a great town centre and can be again with the right management and policing to tackle anti social behaviour etc.

  • If you are talking about Woolwich on the up, you have to give credit to Punch Drunk for running their “Burnt City” production in Cartridge Place. I have lost count of the number of times colleagues in my tech firm have excitedly told me that they were “down my way” in Woolwich to go there. They even venture that “Woolwich is quite nice, isn’t it?” Of course they never left the Berkeley riverside development!

    The governance/funding might be sketchy and the prices might be too high to be accessible to the poor locals, but Woolwich Works could have a big role in turning Woolwich from an unloved suburb of London into a destination in its own right.

  • I uses to live Woolwich many years ago it was beautiful place to go shopping there the was lot of love shops then it went down hill… I member when I use to shopping in Woolwich with my mum and dad when I was young the lots of lovely shops the was coop store and cuffs department store and pie mash shop and good night life and the was lots nice pubs most of them our all gone now ,,,,
    What they need do first sort out all the old flat’s out in wilmount street in Woolwich in Almstorng SE18
    I got friend who lives there’s flats the our very poorly contdean the kitchens and bathrooms and bolony s very nasty…
    I would like to meet theses poeple doing everything up in Woolwich

  • I agree Mark I think Woolwich could be a destination to visit in its own right with the right investment and management of the Town Centre..Prices do need to be reasonable for local people to afford.


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