DLR Thamesmead extension: New study to be funded

Funding has been allocated to further look into extending the DLR from Beckton over the Thames to Thamesmead.

Details are featured within a report before TfL’s Finance Board.

The extension as things stand would not link to Abbey Wood for Elizabeth Line, Southeastern and Thameslink services.

DLR extension would end in here and not link to Abbey Wood statiom

Given that for many residents in Thamesmead it will be quicker to take a bus to Abbey Wood then a train, the service as things stand has limited appeal to existing residents.

One of the key aims is however for future residents, as the DLR is seen as essential by Peabody to unlock land to build up to 20,000 homes at Tripcock Ness, or Thamesmead Waterfront as seen on the map below.

Bus Rapid Transit line in red stops at Woolwich

This area of former MOD land still retains remnants from military use.

Service levels could be quite low as the Beckton branch would split into three potential terminals.

The question is will government find such an extension when it has a deep aversion to infrastructure spending, and particularly when Peabody is not doing itself and housing need much good by sitting on various plots of land within walking distance of the Elizabeth line and failing to build.

Much Peabody land lies empty in Abbey Wood and Thamesmead – and will do for many years

A reluctant government may well ask Peabody why should we fund when you fail to build housing on numerous areas of land you already own and are vacant?

Peabody own a former pub site around 100 metres from Abbey Wood station with planning permission but apparently have no intention to build, alongside various other sites including hundreds of metres lining Harrow Manorway where hundreds of households were evicted in recent years and shopowners removed.

Vacant Peabody plot within site of Abbey Wood station

Buildings were knocked down without any firm plan to build. Peabody stated in a presentation they may not build on some areas until the late 2030s, and that’s minutes from the new Elizabeth line.

Any DLR extension will be someway off if reliant upon Peabody for housing.

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One thought on “DLR Thamesmead extension: New study to be funded

  • June 15, 2022 at 6:06 pm

    Great news but sadly any extension of the DLR will still be many years away possibly 10 years or more depending on when funding agreed. But at least it is back on the drawing so to speak..

    In the meantime Thamesmead and South East need transport improvements in Greenwich and neighbouring Boroughs of Bexley and Lewisham.


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