Senior Greenwich Tory calls for Boris Johnson to go

A senior Greenwich Tory councillor has called for Boris Johnson to go after the Prime Minister admitted attending a gathering in Downing Street.

Cllr Matt Clare (Conservative – Eltham South) stated it was a “pathetic non apology” and “an insult to everyone who made massive sacrifices”:

Johnson has long denied attending a gathering for until a leaked email revealed one was held. It happened days after an order was made that people could not meet more than one person outside, and some were fined for doing so.

Amidst jeers and laughter in the Commons, Johnson now states he did attend.

Will other Tories in Greenwich and neighbouring Bexley join the calls to go?

Bexley Tory Cllr Adam Wildman (Old Bexley and Sidcup) was also photographed attending an indoor event where the former Tory Mayoral candidate was also pictured

Bexley Cllr circled

Shaun Bailey has stepped down from two panels on the Greater London Assembly but has not given up his £58k a year income.

Johnson is now holding on amid turmoil in his own party and requesting people wait for a report. Given previous reports have had his own people conducting them (who were also found to attend gatherings that would have seen your average citizen fined) this is unlikely to gain much credibility.




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15 thoughts on “Senior Greenwich Tory calls for Boris Johnson to go

  • Shaun Bailey should also resign his salaried post, for attending thsat gathering and for the lies he spread during the mayoral election campaign. He is no better than the republican Trumpists in the US.

  • Pure self-interest. When I first saw the picture on this article I thought it was a ‘wanted’ photo for a mugging incident.

  • I agree it is time for Boris Johnson to step down as leader of the Conservative Party. however, all MP’s that broke the lockdown rules whether attending parties or protest marches should all stand down. They must all be treated the same.

  • The point is that Johnson is actually ‘The Prime Minister’, and was responsible, along with others in his cabinet, for setting the rules/ legislation they themselves didn’t think applied to them. There’s quite a different order of hypocrisy, and contempt for the public inherent in that than anything else.

  • The statement you make above is a False equivalence. It’s akin to saying owners of full auto sniper rifles who go on random spree-shootings should be prosecuted; but so should people who carry around Swiss-army knives.

  • I do not disagree with you about Boris Johnson being Prime Minister and the cabinet making the legislation. Hence that is why he should stand down.

    I have no time for anyone who breaks Covid rules as if the rules do not apply to them. Everyone needs to abide the rules. Those in the public eye need to lead by example whoever they are..

  • Protest is one of the pillars of our democracy; particularly apt where corrupt governments are in power. Cheese and wine parties don’t serve a similar constitutional purpose.

  • @Ballard: 😂 😂 That’s a bit harsh. I know the Tories can be accused of daylight robbery, but not every member is part of the gang.

    Johnson will have to be dragged out of office by his heels. His whole political career was a build up to becoming prime minister and people were stupid enough to let have it.

  • Yes Ballard but protest should not take place during. A National Lockdown rules are the rules. We agree with you wherre BJ is concerned..

  • Harsh? Looks like someone on a 20 year stretch for armed robbery; which if you consider the related instrumentalization of the state for personal gain going on in his party you can also construct a satirical metaphor from that if you’re so inclined

  • The point was conflating the two issues just comes across as deflection. Maybe it wasn’t intended that way above but it’s a very common trope.

  • It is wrong to shut down peaceful protest. But those caught looting or causing criminal damage need to be dealt with by the courts. As it is these people that ruin the rights for people to protest peacefully.

  • Again, that’s a reasonable statement taken in isolation but “Looting or causing criminal damage” were already covered by existing laws. The new Police, Crime, Sentencing and Courts Bill isn’t remotely necessary to deal with any of those offences; instead it’s intended to shut down all protest to protect the current corrupt goverment from any kind of dissent or criticism.


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