London’s Met Police found to be “institutionally corrupt”

London’s Metropolitan Police have been labelled “intuitionally corrupt” after a private investigator was found with an axe in his skull outside a south east London pub in 1987.

No one has ever been successfully prosecuted. He was reportedly on the verge of exposing police corruption.

If you’ve never heard of the Daniel Morgan case, it will probably shock you, with links between police officers, criminals and media outlets such as the News of the World.

South east London website Bexley is Bonkers’s author has a close personal link to the case and you can find far more info over there by clicking here.

Even the panel set up in 2013 saw the Met hamper access to key documents, with today’s report stating: “The panel has never received any reasonable explanation for the refusal over seven years by [then] Assistant Commissioner Dick and her successors to provide access to the Holmes accounts to the Daniel Morgan independent panel.”

That is Cressida Dick, who has since been promoted to the top job in the Met.

While the Morgan family are no closer to a conviction for Daniel Morgan’s murder, at long last – and after many years trying to hide the truth – some cracks of light are emerging.


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    2 thoughts on “London’s Met Police found to be “institutionally corrupt”

    • The Met was branded ‘institutionally racist’ following the murder of Stephen Lawrence. That it is now found to be ‘institutionally corrupt’ should surprise no-one.

    • Exactly. Is anyone shocked by this? Didn’t we know there were serious issues already?


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