Greenwich’s Rox Burger moving to new riverside location

Greenwich restaurant Rox Burger are to move from beside Up The Creek comedy club on Creek Road to a new spot beside the Thames.

Their new home will be a unit at 55 River Gardens Walk beside the Thames, just along from the recently opened Enderby House pub.

Hop Stuff had formerly sought to open a bar in the area but encountered resistance from some residents.

The final block at River Gardens is finally approaching completion after many years. The development lies south of a now cancelled cruise liner terminal. Plans are now revised for around twice as many homes on the cruise site. Just north of that is Morden Wharf where 1,500 homes are planned.

Cruise liner plan scrapped. Towers still coming

A new brewery and pub is planned at Morden Wharf from Brew by Numbers.

Rox Burger started out in Lewisham before moving to Greenwich in 2018.



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    One thought on “Greenwich’s Rox Burger moving to new riverside location

    • Could be worse, could be a Pizza Hut, a Domino’s or a McD. At least the street borne littering should be less, but the calories and health aspects still look a bit 1990’s (with a small vegan add-on).
      Why is it Greenwich follows old dated trends all the time rather than setting them and being more innovative, is it the cost of property rents/rates putting off the more adventurous, or that the top quality or exciting cuisine establishments don’t think our palate is refined enough?
      So the residents have saved themselves from potential bar noise outside with the blocking of Hop Stuff, but at least they were ‘on trend’ with craft breweries making a big hit with ‘cool’ areas of high spending young professionals. A burger joint, even though at the ‘top end’ with a well worn menu offering is a safe bet maybe, just like a tower block with no architectural interest or style is a safe bet to the developers here. No mention of anything organic even on the menu! Free range chicken is about as far as it goes, and we all know what ‘free range’ means, generally a place Chicken Little is desperate to fly away from. At least it’s not an empty shop prone to vandalism, or a large chain which we are all given the chance to visit (with pleasure?) when we take our toilet breaks on the motorway.


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