Woolwich Tesco tower plan is back again

Plans for  blocks of flats in front and behind Woolwich Tesco are back again.

It’s six months after the previous application including a 27-floor tower and densely packed blocks was rejected after a planning inquiry.

Rejected plan

The new plan reduces a block at Phase 3 from 27 to 21 floors. The previous rejection noted “the tower cannot simply be viewed in isolation, and the contextual response revolves around the height of what is proposed.

Site of planned tower

He (the Secretary of State) agrees with the Inspector’s conclusions that the Phase 3 building would be of an incongruous height which would dwarf anything around it and loom oppressively over the Square.”

Looking towards the site

It should be noted these are early plans – named a scoping opinion – with the developer seeking feedback from Greenwich Council.

The total number of homes barely reduces from 800 in the previous plan to 795. Either that means a much stumpier block facing General Gordon Square or even tighter blocks behind Tesco.

One must assume this is a game of attrition by Meyer Homes who are attempting to grind down Greenwich Council. They purchased land from Tesco a number of years ago.

Plans are being revised – but this design dates from 2014

Once again we have a planning document notable for flaws and omissions. Practically every single application lately has this. This time a map showing cumulative development in Woolwich ignores Armourers Square. It’s been on the drawing board for nearly a decade now. What’s the excuse for doing so?

As I stated when previous plans were submitted, I really quite like the tower design. It has an elegance often lacking in Woolwich blocks with decent proportions.

Other plans in Woolwich consisting of chunky, graceless boxes

It’s just this the space on the edge of General Gordon Square is far from the right space for it. It’s not contextual towards nearby buildings and overshadows the adjacent square and greenery. If this was at, say, the plot beside the Waterfront or that proposed for Mortgramit Square (as seen above) it’d be far better than what is now rising or prposed. But it isn’t, and didn’t work at 27 floors. A lumpen block is unlikely to either.

To view the scoping opinion document, click here


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2 thoughts on “Woolwich Tesco tower plan is back again

  • It’s the same thing they did with their towers at Tesco’s car park in Lewisham. The second time around it was granted…

  • The whole area around Woolwich station is a disorganised mess. I’m not sure what can be done about it, but the layout is just impractical. So seeing these proposed developments makes me wonder if the layout and general feel of the area is going to get worse


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