Greenwich fail to introduce CCTV traffic enforcement by start date

Greenwich Council failed to begin fining drivers for illegal driving on the expected start date last month according to a Freedom of Information request.

Since powers were introduced 16 years ago, they were included in 3 out of 34 authorities in London (32 boroughs plus TfL and the City) that never introduced camera enforcement on drivers parking outside schools on Keep Clear markings, making illegal turns and parking on bus lanes. The other two were Bromley and Kensington & Chelsea.

Drivers often attempt to jump queues via illegal right turns near this point. Poor pedestrian environment could be improved via fines income

The authority eventually decided to adopt powers, but then took further years to seek and gain approval. Then they announced a start date – which they have missed.

The council has seen a £12 million income shortfall against budget in recent years partly related to a lack of enforcement of both parking and driving violations. Income is ringfenced to transport spending by law, meaning £12 million hasn’t gone towards resurfacing roads, improved pedestrians connections and cycle lanes.

An example of budget shortfall. An annual occurrence for many years

The reason for not commencing fines according to the council is due to warnings being issued for those breaking traffic rules in the prior two weeks, when they operated a grace period.

Greenwich Council have failed to capitalise upon a number of possible income streams aside during a time of cuts, including rogue landlords last week when meagre fines were issued to those cramming tenants into overcrowded family homes. To date less than 20 per cent of landlords are licensed as required three years after the measure was introduced.




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J Smith

I've lived in south east London most of my life growing up in Greenwich borough and working in the area for many years. The site has contributors on occasion and we cover many different topics. Living and working in the area offers an insight into what is happening locally.

    6 thoughts on “Greenwich fail to introduce CCTV traffic enforcement by start date

    • After driving 50 years its my opinion that cameras should be there for speeding as this picks out the poor driving skills and lack of consideration….added to which Greenwich Council are always blaming Govt for lack of money…solution is in their hands

    • The head of enforcement doesn’t seem to care, we have a no right turn turn off of Catherine Grove. We raised it via our councillor only to be told it had been raised repeatedly with the head of enforcement and that it was too expensive to manage a camera even though we see at least 20 cars a day fly through it.

      The staff at the council have just been in their positions for so long they don’t care to actually do their job so this story doesn’t surprise me.

    • Yep when I’m passing the same streets with the same illegal parking every day for 5 years it’s clear as day the relevant head of department couldn’t seem to care less about millions of lost revenue.

      Nor could the council leaders as they permit it. What do they do all day?

      Lazy managers aided and abetted by weak councillors who let them get away with anything.

    • This reads like a frothing commentary which is unbecoming of what is usually one of my (probably actually my favourite) sites about SE London

      An unhinged rant about a grace period (very normal in public authorities). Then a segue about rogue landords, a topic that surely deserves it’s own post.

      Less attacking the council and more good posts please. And I say that as a pro-car Tory with no stake in defending this LA.

      • Failure to meet the start date was after a two week grace period had already been in operation. They have failed to take action for many years.

        The landlord issue is related. As local authorities see cuts, they have also gained extra powers to enact fines which can help mitigate. RBG are not using them in a multitude of areas. Flytipping is another for example.

    • I think raising revenue by fining bad behaviour is great. As long as its reasonable.

      If junction design and road markings are so bad that people constantly get fined, then the fine should be suspended until the road is improved. The fine count should be available as a google maps overlay. There are many places in London where the street lay out is so confusing, that a newcomer will get it wrong. Or like the Trafalgar Road/Vanburgh Hill staggered junction – you have to proceed even if your exit isn’t clear, or the fact there is no drop-off/pick up parking at North Greenwich Station.

      And I dont know why people think its OK to park their motorbikes and scooters on the pavement. That should be easy pickings for the traffic wardens.


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