City Airport to resume commercial flights by end of June

City Airport have announced that flights will resume on a commercial basis by the end of June.

How many people will be flying is another matter entirely. Domestic flights are the first to resume on a widespread basis, though the virus is far from removed in the UK with new cases still at a level way above most other European nations.

New airport entrance is being built

Flights also raises the possibility of spreading the virus from one area to another as the R rate differs in various regions. For example, at the moment Wales and the south coast see high levels.

International flights will also be subject to the UKs planned 14 day quarantine.

The airport is currently undergoing expansion.


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7 thoughts on “City Airport to resume commercial flights by end of June

  • They should Knock the whole Airport Down ! Flights are Always Hundreds Of Pounds Dearer From. London City Airport. !

  • London City Airport had a high level of business travellers mainly going to Europe. Their employer picked up the tab. Far from knocking it down, there was talk of expansion. Whether this will now happen is a moot point.

  • The only good thing about lockdown was the absence of LCY aircraft noise.

    Hope it becomes commercially unsustainable.

    As for jobs, new industries will evolve.

    Just think about the history of Docklands.

    • Quality of life for everyone in East London has been greatly improved with the absence of London city airport operating. Thankfully plans to expand will be uneconomical and it will be a few years before we have the same levels of environmental pollution.

      Tourism won’t be affected as it’s only business travellers and private jets that make all the racket. Transfering these flights to Gatwick and biggen hill might be the only economic option for the owners (hopefully)

  • Flights criss-cross just about all of London. The absence of flights from Gatwick, Heathrow, Luton etc have also been welcomed. Do you want these airports to become commercially unsustainable too?

    Further you underestimate just how many people is employed in the travel industry. The history of the docklands and its redevelopment ironically includes London City airport.

  • Mark
    Stop winging think of the ecomony and dont live by an airport if you dont like the planes simple

  • I live right by LCY and I must confess it has been so peaceful since flights ceased. I don’t mind the planes, otherwise I wouldn’t live where I chose to, but the air feels cleaner and the local bird wildlife is flourishing. Will be interesting to see the impact Covid has on the long-term viability of LCY. They are sitting on a hell of a lot of prime development land and I suspect that is their end game as I’m sure even they know the airport is somewhat of a luxury and will one day be easily dispensable in the face of growing environmental pressure. I wouldn’t be surprised if within the next ten years an application is submitted to redevelop the whole site and Covid might have just accelerated this…


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