Four charged after raids at Abbey Wood traveller site and other properties

Four people have been charged after a series of dramatic raids across Greenwich borough yesterday morning.

The main raid was at Abbey Wood’s Thistlebrook site. That raid saw dozens of police and stun grenades used which were heard over a wide area.

Two people were arrested at other sites.

The police state:

“Three men and a teenage boy have been charged after a number of proactive arrest warrants were carried out in Greenwich.

[A] James Grant, 55 (11.08.1964) and [B] Freddie Grant, 22 (24.11.1997) have both been charged with attempted murder and causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

[C] Patrick Carey, 22 (23.12.1997) and [D] a 14-year-old boy have also been charged with causing grievous bodily harm with intent.

The 14-year-old [D] was also charged with being concerned in the supply of class B drugs.

All four males were due to appear at Bromley Magistrates’ Court today (Thursday, 9 April).

The charges follow the arrest of all four males on Wednesday, 8 April, following a series of raids across Greenwich.

The arrests are part of an investigation into the alleged attempted murder of a 33-year-old man on 29 December 2019 in Throwley Close, SE2.

Police were called after a man was found with numerous serious injuries.”

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9 thoughts on “Four charged after raids at Abbey Wood traveller site and other properties

  • The time has come now to close the Thistlebrook Road travellers site completely and build social housing on the site for decent law abding and hard working people. who need affordable housing.

  • I know they pay council tax, but who owns the land?

    The council tax or land rent should be increased just on that site purely due to the amount of police presence required, otherwise who is footing that bill, the tax payer? How much did that operation actually cost? and the one before and the one before that. The problem with that is that it could cause more unlawful behvaiour however on that site due to statistics you need a strong police presence there to stamp it out if that’s even possible.

    There’s extra Greenwich Council Tax for the Gloucester Circus properties, I’m guessing due to the green but why not the Travellers site due to the extra police required, there’s a long demand list so in any other area it would seem acceptable. If I was a lawful traveller and saw the issues at the site, I’d pay for a larger permanent police presence at the site. I wouldn’t want my 14 year old kid drawn into drug dealing.

    • Are you seriously comparing Gloucester Circus and Thistlebrook Road? Evidently you have never to both of these places – your comparison is null. All of these comments are absurd – just more prejudice and discrimination levelled against a community who are increasingly isolated and neglected by authorities.

      • Not really prejudice when it’s based on facts. Plus I believe the Travellers on that site have positive discrimination as land on the other homes around them have been compulsory purchased for the new Thamesmead developments.

        I’m just purely speculating about ideas on how the site can be safer and not cost the police/tax payer so much to keep safe (as you can see from the current climate there’s much better things to spend the money on), and so we don’t read about another raid there in another few months time.

        I’d be interested to see if you have any ideas?

      • Spot on, same old rhetoric. There were many similar good citizens and ‘taxpayers’ in Germany during the 1930s…

  • Absolutely agree with you Joe Black(@Yells_At_Cloud). 100%.

  • I am all for reducing crime and making the Borough of Greenwich a better and safer place for us all to live and or work in. There is good and bad in all of us.

  • Let’s say that there’s 100 people on the throstle brooke site
    What about the other 96 who haven’t done wrong ?
    People that live there and have lived there most of their lives
    That had no involvement
    You can not tar everyone off with the same brush just because you think it would be better on your tax
    These people go to work and earn an honest living and pay their taxes
    Would you close an entire street because 1 house hold did something bad, no you wouldn’t
    Stop being aggressive and racist towards travellers
    They have just as much right as you
    And who’s to say the council won’t moved them in next door to you ?… if they “close” the site down
    Imagine that!

    • comments like yours and Tony G are simply laugable. There ARE good travellers around, but we now speak about the one at Abbey Wood, with a long history of multiple activities that’s against the law. The law applies to you as well, if you disagree then let’s stop your benefits as you can’t have one but not the other.

      Comparing your criminal activities and rightly so being arrested for as if you are the Jewish population of the 1930s? I didn’t knew they were drug dealers etc that got arrested. Corona ain’t Hiler either, so when that catches you one day soon, don’t cry like a baby


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