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Greenwich Auctions announces closure

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After 20 years trading Greenwich Auctions is to close its doors after failing to agree terms with its landlord.

I recently passed the site near Greenwich power station and thought how nice it was for a business like that to still operate in the area. I was going to take a photo as I often do to illustrate future posts but didn’t as thought nothing much would happen to the site any time soon.

What a shame. A unique little reason to visit Greenwich has gone.



  1. I stumbled upon Greenwich Auctions when I went to a nearby kitchen countertop fabrication workshop. I subsequently went to an auction preview, but never attended the actual event as nothing warranted the registration fee.

    I expect the site will be up for sale soon to be turned into yet more apartments on the nod from Greenwich council.

  2. Trailblazer1975

    Shame the Greenwich Auction house has gone, used to be regulars until we moved out to Kent, have got some terrific lots from the auctions including paintings and odds and ends of furniture. Sad to learn of its demise -another little piece of history gone out of Greenwich!

  3. Tim Yeager

    Yes. I’m sad too. Robert is a delightful auctioneer, and they always had interesting things. You couod get a cup of tea and a bacon roll, then take a seat on an old pew and join the game. Will be missed!

  4. Les

    This is a tragic loss – Bob was always entertaining and his team friendly and welcoming – bought many lots there and even turned a profit on a few – shame the landlord couldn’t allow things to run as this was a different outlet to visit within Greenwich – such a pity…

    • Lucia

      Some people like the landlord have no imagination or creativity.
      This was one of the best original attractions in Greenwich.


  5. Jeff

    There was more to this closure than a dispute with the landlord you do not close an auction house overnight !! Very Fishy anybody know the real reason?

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