A very quiet London City Airport: Impact as Flybe collapses and corona virus hits travel

London City Airport has seen a downturn in passengers in recent days due to corona virus which only looks set to increase with today’s collapse of Flybe.

The airport is currently undergoing a large program to increase passenger numbers from 4.5 million to 6.5 million.

New airport entrance

In the short term numbers will inevitably fall. Business travel was in freefall even before today’s collapse. Airlines like Lufthansa had announced the grounding of 150 planes.

What will be interesting is long term impacts from corona virus. Will many businesses realise they do not need so many overseas meetings with remote conferencing?

With airlines heavily reliant on business travel for profitability, a fall in that category of passenger hampers long-term income. They could try to make that back from leisure passengers but how many can afford a sizeable increase in fares?

Of course it could all be a short term blip, but we have seen short term emergencies lead to long term changes. One to watch.



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One thought on “A very quiet London City Airport: Impact as Flybe collapses and corona virus hits travel

  • It is such a shame to hear there has been a down turn in travel from London City Airport. With the airport being located so close to the City Canary Wharf and Central London. City Airport is vital to the growth of London. As well as business passenegrs may other people use it for short haul flights to Scotland and Europe for example .

    It is such a shame to hear of the collasp of Flybe and to know more people have sadly lost their jobs in the travel industry.

    Lets hope we can get the Corona Virus under control in the UK as quickly as possible. Hopefully we will then see an up turn in travel again.


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