Crossrail reveal latest photos of Woolwich station

More pictures of what appears to be a completed Woolwich Crossrail station have been released.

The eastern branch via Canary Wharf appears all but complete in terms of station construction.


Other stations such as Whitechapel and Bond Street lag behind and another major issue is train testing and signalling.

Crossrail trains parked up at Abbey Wood

In recent weeks there has been no update to the somewhat vague summer 2021 planned opening. However, this week Crossrail’s offices in Canary Wharf did send staff home due to Corona Virus fears. Will that delay work further?

The delay has cost TfL in terms of finances.It is already in a very tricky financial situation. They have seen cuts and to compound problems the Corona virus could have a large impact.

At least another year without passengers

The mere fear of infection could hamper discretionary and leisure travel in confined spaces such as the tube. Add in workers told to stay home where possible and even a 10 per cent fall in passengers will hit TfL hard.

Cases in the UK do not even need to grow too highly; it’s the fear they will that is doing damage. That’s bad enough for TfL in good times. Now is not one of those times for the organisation.

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