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Sidcup development with proposed Marks & Spencer still on the market for £10m

New homes in the borough approved with little affordable housing - let alone council homes

A proposed block of flats that includes a pre-let agreement with Marks & Spencer is still on the market for £10 million.

The current site near Sidcup station includes a co-op. Bexley Council approved plans in early 2019 to demolish the block for a new-build including 59 flats.

View from Sidcup station exit ramp

It’s on the market in what appears a case of gaining approval and trying to flip. Assuming there’s no takers they’ll be no Marks & Spencer anytime soon. The advert does state that the landlord only needs to give co-op three months notice to leave.

Another development in the area was approved last week. That one will contain 26 flats and a 24/7 gym.

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  1. Graham

    I am surprised a developer as not purchased thiis site.

    This is a prime site being near to Sidcup Station. The new flats if built will have great potentail for both re-sale and rental. It also works being a mixed housing/retail development which does seem the way forward for many new developements on the High Streets and in Town Centres.

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