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Crime, Greenwich

Missing dog of man knocked unconscious in Greenwich found dead

Sad news today as the search for a dog which ran away when its owner was attacked in Greenwich has ended after she was found dead beside railway tracks.

Tilly escaped after her owner was attacked and knocked unconscious in Greenwich near Maze Hill station before Christmas.

Maze Hill station off Tom Smith Close

Police are still seeking help with the assault on Tom Smith Close around 9:30pm on Sunday 22nd December. The victim was treated in Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Woolwich.

The victim believes he may have heard a female voice before the assault which is believed to have included a kick to the face.

Anyone with any information can contact police on 101.


  1. Oh no. Awful.

  2. Oh no, the worse news. I’m so upset. What cruel nasty behaviour towards innocents … Revolting people who did this

  3. Susan

    So sorry sweet heart you n your owner did not deserve any of this.

  4. CDT

    I am so very sad to hear this news it is truely heartbreaking. My thoughts are with the owner Paul at this very sad time. I hope the suspects are caught soon before the carry out another attack on an innocent person.

    Whoever, they are they are the lowest of the low and need to be off the streets. . I am sorry but it is true. A really cruel attack.

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