Plans submitted for 492 homes in Woolwich / Charlton (not Greenwich)

Plans have been submitted for 492 homes at the former Siemens factory site on the Woolwich and Charlton borders.

The submission, which some media sources are incorrectly labelling as in Greenwich, is for a site branded as Faraday Works which contains a number of locally listed buildings. The factory was regarded as being in Woolwich when built though some now state Charlton? Leave a comment below as to what is correct.

Not in great shape

Many existing buildings are not in good condition. In regards to this new application, so far all we have to go on are some glossy images and the nitty-gritty of details are absent given planning documents are not yet available. As soon as they are, I’ll delve through them to get the juicy details and write a follow-up post.

Character a plenty

First drafts for this site saw 370 homes which was then revised up to 520. This final submission is a slight downwards revision to 492. U&I were seeking to demolish one locally listed building at 37 Bowater Road.

Award sponsors

The developer has recently been sponsoring Greenwich Council awards. A large number of developers sponsor awards. Even the college is planning a big rebuild of their Plumstead campus including 320 new homes – which I exclusively covered before Christmas. British Land now own much of Woolwich Town Centre.

This building will go. Almost 500 homes planned for the site

Back to Charlton, and Siemens Electrical Works occupied the site from the late 1800’s until the 1960’s. In recent years it has been home to hundreds of art studios.

The recently opened Thames Path Quietway cycle lane runs through the site:

As is

Many buildings will be restored or substantially altered if renders offer a guide – but as said detailed documents are not yet available.

Coming soon – if approved

A brief history of Siemens’s site can be found here. If you havn’t been to the area then do go for a wander. It’s stuffed full of character and located directly next to the Thames Barrier. I took a look at the area and wrote about it here.

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13 thoughts on “Plans submitted for 492 homes in Woolwich / Charlton (not Greenwich)

  • And how many School, Dr’s, Hospital, Work places are you supplying to accommodate all the people moving into these flats/houses you are building??? Our local Hospital and Doctors surgeries are over crouded as it is to say nothing of the schools etc. ???

    • Who are you asking? Anyway, you may have seen that the population is expanding anyway. Either people squeeze into existing family homes converted to bedsits or new homes built. Like the country managed for most of the past 100+ years. As for services, easier to plan for when people not in crowded bedsits, and if funding too low then its too low regardless of new homes or not.

  • Quite a weird place to pass through at the moment as it feels totally abandoned.

    Hopefully they won’t add any parking spaces for residents as we’re past capacity on cars in many places now. Generally not too bad of a cycle, avoiding roads, from here to both North Greenwich station and the big Charlton shops though.

    • It can feel it but it’s not – there’s quite a lot going on, mostly at night. The climbing centre lights up a lot of it and there are martial arts studios, performance arts studios, and poster makers working late into the night. Quite a surprising amount of activity. And where will they go?

      As we redevelop areas that are affordable for artists and low-profit but useful activities what happens to those? They open up further out of town and we have to drive, adding to congestion.

      • Fair enough I’ve never actually been through at night time.

        Yes I agree, they shouldn’t move the existing businesses. Their seems to be lots of big residential areas that feel completely soulless in Greenwich being built – this proposal, Kidbrooke Village, GMV, most of the Peninsula. Shame.

        Maybe the design district at North Greenwich will work out but it seems a bit manufactured at the mo. Early days though.

  • The new much needed homes are very welcome.

    For this development If the post code is SE7 it be will be Charlton or SE18 Woolwich.

    I do agree with DWG on how many new schools, GP Sugeries, Hospitalls etc will have to be built to accomodate all the people moving to the Borough, A the local population as grown considerably over the last few years.

    Also the public infrastructure needs improving it is struggling to cope at the moment as it is.

    New trains for the DLR delayed and the new Crossrail Elizabeth Line Station delayed until possibly late 2021.

    • ‘I do agree with DWG on how many new schools, GP Sugeries, Hospitalls etc will have to be built to accomodate all the people moving to the Borough’

      Who is going to staff the new hospital and GP surgeries. There is a shortage of GPs because of retirements and a reluctance by newly qualified doctors to enter general practice and in general, we are not even training enough doctors. There is also a shortfall in nursing staff in the order of approximately 40,000.

      Let’s hope the eventual occupants of these new dwellings are fit and healthy.

  • Should have typed Hospitals and As the local population as grown considerably.

  • It is not only GP Surgeries, Dental Sugeries, Health Centres. Hospitals, Schools and shops etc that is needed for the growing population. More amenities like Sheltered Accomodation, Day Care Centres for the elderly and disabled will also be required around the Borough to serve the growing population. With many more new homes due in the future.

  • I agree anonymous201481. There is a shortage of GP’s and nurses and that we do need to urgently train more GP’s and Nurses.

    My GP surgery is actually a surgery that trains GP’s in working in General Practice after they have completed their Hospital training. Thankfully a lot of young doctors are pasing through the practice which can only be good news.

    One of the problems we have had in the past Doctors and Nurses have got trained by the NHS and left very soon afterwards to work in the privarte sector or work abroad.

    We need to provide more financial help to allow more people the opporunity to train as doctors, nurses and health care assistants in the NHS.

    We also need to provide more help and support to doctors and nurses so they remain working in the NHS. The cost of housing in the capital can be a problem for many new young doctors and nurses.

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