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Lidl Eltham is having an upgrade

Lidl in Eltham will see some store changes as an upgrade project gets underway.

Part of the exterior trolley bay will become part of the store with planning documents stating:

“This application seeks full planning permission for the erection of a single-storey extension to the front of the Lidl foodstore. The additional floorspace will form a small extension to the sales area at the front of the store, near the customer checkouts.”

As part of works earlier closing times will be implemented next week with 5pm closures on Monday and Tuesday.

You can see plans for the expansion here.

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  1. CDT

    Lidl’s Eltham store is very popular on Eltham High Street. I am sure the small extension to the front of the store to increase the sales area and allow Lidl to display more stock will be very much welcomed by their loyal shoppers.

    It is actually reassuring to see a store being extended rather than closing on the High Street.

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